Raymond Davis is being released?

Pakistan Peoples Party information secretary Fauzia Wahab, whether she is taking forward the policy of Pakistan Peoples Party or as it seems she is repeating words of U.S President Barak Obama in her own words. She said on Monday that U.S National Raymond Davis had a diplomatic visa and he has diplomatic immunity according to Vienna convention. Further she mentioned “that Raymond Davis is a technical member of the U.S. Embassy’s diplomatic staff and according to Pakistani laws any diplomat and technical or administration staff cannot be arrested or taken into custody.”

While on Tuesday American President Barak Obama urged Pakistan to free a detained U.S official, in his first public remarks in regard to Raymond Davis, Obama also said that detained official Raymond Davis enjoyed diplomatic immunity under the Vienna convection and more over he said “that they are going to be continuing to work with the Pakistani Government to get this person released.” Since, the case of Raymond Davis has frozen the relation between the two countries, and it is a matter of concern for Pakistan government.

Taking the leverage of Vienna convection the American President came out openly and said that diplomatic immunity is critical because otherwise diplomats who “Deliver tough messages to countries where we disagree with them” will start being vulnerable to prosecution locally and it means they cant do their job.

It is the policy of the U.S. State Department to pursue investigation vigorously by law enforcement authorities, in connection with any alleged criminal violation by people who have been entitled to immunity from criminal jurisdiction. To ensure the justice U.S. encourages to prepare cases carefully, comprehensively and to document properly each incident so that charges may be pursued. But when the matter is of their interest their stance is different.

However, Pakistan Foreign office has now given detailed guidance to the law ministry for taking up in the court. The copies of international laws and convention have also been given to law ministry. The documents submitted by the foreign office facilitate some what immunity on the basis of the previous communication between the official concerns.

John Kery chairman U.S. senate Foreign Relation Committee come to Islamabad with a brief from American President that Pakistan would have to face difficulty if they don’t follow the U.S stance in the Raymond Davis case. United State didn’t believe that the cases in question were a fit subject to be taken up in the court.

The weak Government of Pakistan Peoples Party should not put a burden on Fauzia Wahab to take the sensitive matter of Davis to the public, where the public opinion is completely against what she says. It is very difficult to oblige the super power because they don’t even spare their own people, it is learnt that U.S. Consul General in Lahore. Comela, sources say has been told to pack up, as according to white house she didn’t handle the matter properly.

The position of our rulers is so indifferent, immediately after the Fauzia Wahab told the reporters at Karachi press club and gave her opinion against public sentiment regarding Davis. The spokesmen of President Asif Ali Zardari, Farhatullah Babar dismissed Fauzia Wahabs statement, saying that it was her personal view this is neither the policy of the party nor the Government.

Situation is crucial as far as Pakistan is concerned. U.S. Pakistan relations are on risk to larger extents. Everyone now a days is asking one question Is Raymond Davis being released?

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