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A journey of Pakistani women in sports

Women’s participation in sports has a long history; a history evident by discrimination but also one tugged with major accomplishments by female athletes especially in Pakistan. Pakistani women in sports marked excellence in heaps. Whether it be Hockey, Cricket, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Squash, swimming, Marshal Arts, Gymnastic or any other indoor outdoor sports. Pakistani women have won laurels for Pakistan.

Pakistan avows numerous successful stories when it comes to women in sports. A remarkable example of Sara Nasir (born July 18th, 1990) who belongs to a small village in a Tehsil of Rawalpindi. She is currently a B.Com student. She took training in martial arts from army coach Riaz and became a participant in the under 55kg weight category at the 11th SAF games and returned with a gold medal in Karate.

Another Pakistani woman athletes Naseem Hamid Pakistani athlete born 1988, who became the fastest woman in South Asia when she won a gold medal in the 100-metre event of the 11th South Asian Federation Games in Dhaka, Bangladesh on February 09, 2010. President Asif Ali Zardari appointed Sara Nasir and Naseen Hameed sports ambassadors to honour their extraordinary success in field of sports. Later on Pakistan’s leading Mobile operator Mobilink has added Naseem Hameed to its panel of brand ambassadors.

It has never been easy and simple or Pakistani women who play sports but yet they are sweating out and making a lot of efforts. The Pakistan Association of Women Sport, affiliated with the National sports organization, is active in promoting women’s participation in sports within Pakistan. Believing that sport provides an excellent venue for women to gain confidence and develop decision-making abilities and leadership skills for future life. The Association also aims to raise awareness about the development needs of Pakistan, particularly those relating to young women. Association also promotes the importance of sports as mean for bridging cross-culture difference and conflict and engendering attitude, which enhance cooperation, peace and development in the country and internationally.

A record of women in sports exemplifies how various social, economic, and political institutions impact the individuals who participate in sport. Historically, women have often been viewed as inferior to men with respect to physical prowess and athletic competition. Such values have been reinforces by a number of social, economic, and political institutions, from legislation and religious institutions to the media and athletic organizations. Without doubt, political institutions have had an enormous impact on women in sport.

Besides several engendering social problems training and coaching is major concern for those women who want to excel in fields of sports. However the growing numbers of gyms and fitness centers help in meeting the training and fitness requirements for these dedicated athletes. In several schools, as well, there are regular sports events where young girls take part in several athletic feats.

It is important for the people of Pakistan to understand women participation in Pakistan is important to promote Pakistan’s image as sports loving country. Pakistani youth certainly believe that only sports can unite Pakistan at one platform. Thus Pakistan needs to promote its women folk in every field including sports. Measurable steps are needed to be taken yet when it come to equality in fields like sports. Further more those self motivated girls who want to peruse their dreams should be encouraged at every level rather than preventing from participating due to social pressures.

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Rabia Abbas is working for Pakistani Chapter of European NGO, 3Oth (Third World Talent Hunt) having Master degree in Business Administration. She is passionate to explore innovative ways of art, entertainment, fashion and to carry on uniqueness and to wake up the creativity in each person. She contributes on Pakistan Times to promote Pakistani Culture and Art within Youth.

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