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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Ban on pillion riding in Karachi lifts

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According to the news reports ban on pillion riding has been lifted that was imposed in wake of fear of attacks on Eid-Mila-en-Nabi processions. This step will help addressing the problems of residents of Karachi. However as to why this ban is imposed sometimes for security reasons and sometimes for the government in Sindh the interest of transport Mafia is more important then the citizens of Karachi. The Political Champions in Karachi claim to patriotic. Unfortunately their actions simply deny the fact because poor Pakistan and middle class Pakistan is always ignored.

Die-hard political workers of all political parties operating are student and youngsters, and most effected segment has been this age group of youngsters and students by ban on pillion riding. Regardless of security issues many view this on and off ban as a conspiracy and just to prolong ban huge bribes are paid to the home department by the transporters. Middle class and specially youngsters are forced to pay major chunk of their earnings or pocket money to transporters while they are not in position to afford taxi fares or public transport. Public opinion reveals that pillion riding suits traffic police as they can collect hundreds of rupees from the innocent citizens.

Since November 2008 under the section 144, the DRAMA of ban on pillion riding in Karachi is going on. Karachi is a cosmopolitan, and to cover the big routes Motor cycle is the best transport. Students to save their pocket money travel together on motor cycles without creating problem to anyone.

However, the government of Sindh on pretext of improving Law and Order situation in Karachi, a lame excuse for dragging pillion riding. However target killing, robbing and mobile snatching irrespective of ban is going on and without any fear.

Provincial government and especially leadership in Karachi is requested that uncontrollable price hike being federal government issue; is understandable. However using alternative transports is an additional financial burden on the citizens of Karachi when bans on pillion riding are imposed.

Thus the duty of the state is to provide the security to its citizen and not at the cost of public suffering. It is the question of poor citizens of Karachi. Government could not stop people going to mosques and to Police stations; while these two places have been the targets of suicide bombers. In long run ban on pillion riding practice should not be carried any further. Sindh government has assured that pillion riding would not be banned. It is pertinent for government to stop taking such steps because public eyes ban on pillion riding as failure of the government.

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