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Rabi-ul-Awal is month of Jubilation for Muslims


Muslims believe in one Creator, Allah and follow QURAN a HOLY BOOK as guidelines to live lives. Thus Allah says in the Quran “WE HAVE SENT HIM (MUHAMMED PEACE BE UPON HIM) AS A SOURCE OF MERCY FOR THE ALIMEEN”

We know Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (SAW) as the Rahmat-ul-alameen, Mankind has been blessed in this month and our prophet Muhammad (saw) was born on 12 Rabi-Ul-Awal in the Holy City of Mecca it was Monday morning. He was sent to this world with a mission, Muhammad (saw) was source of blessings for mankind and will remain until the day of judgment (kiyamat), and not only for Muslims, but the billions of people have and will continue to benefit from his blessings.

Thus Rabi-Ul-Awal is being celebrated by Muslims around the world as a holy month; it is a very important month in Islamic history, because in the same month at the age of 65 Muhammad (PBUH) passed away. However, Muslims celebrate 12 Rabi-Ul-Awal as a day of Big Event, as our prophet Muhammad (saw) came into this world. The festival is called Eid-Milad-un-Nabi.

From the day of the birth of Muhammad (PBUH) there were miracles and blessing, the example is when Bibi Halima with new born baby undertook the journey to the city of Mecca. Bibi Halima narrates “It was a year of drought, and we had nothing left. So I decided and set forth on a gray she camel of mine and proceeded to Mecca, this old she camel of mine could not even yield one drop of milk, the new born son of mine was crying and kept us awake all night, for I didn’t have enough milk to feed him; and the she camel of mine was so weak and without milk. I and my husband were poor and we came to Mecca in order to acquire nursling. She further says that I took Muhammad (PBUH) for no reason except that there was no other baby. I carried him and to my surprise I was overflowed with milk. It was unbelievable that I fed him as well as his foster brother till they both slept. It was not an end when my husband went near the she camel he saw the old she camel also was full of milk, immediately my husband milked the she camel and we drank her milk till our hunger was satisfied.”

Not only the Muslim’s, it is the accepted fact that during the pre-Islamic days people were in the midst of ignorance and darkness. They were all uncivilized including Arabs Romans and Persians, involved in evils, adultery, rape, robbery and murder. The worst tradition was that the birth of female child was a sin, the father of female child use to feel ashamed and starts hiding himself from the people, and many goes to the extant of burying their baby daughters alive.

The humanity should be thankful to the almighty God that for sending Muhammad (PBUH) to enlighten this world; and eradicated all ignorant and uncivilized customs, practices and believes. Muhammad (saw) showed the right path to the people and he taught the way of life, he gave humankind a purpose and meaning of the life. His life is an example for mankind. He lived a very simple life, and was very practical in his words and deeds.

We should follow the religion in the light of Muhammad (saw) teachings. We should follow and learn from what he said in Juma-tul-wida prayers. Following his principals, in other words Islam will change the world and make it more enlightened. May Peace Be Upon Him.



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