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Raymond Davis has diplomatic immunity: Fauzia

KARACHI: Pakistan Peoples Party spokesman Fouzia Wahab said Monday that the arrested American Raymond Davis has diplomatic immunity. At a press conference on Monday, Fouzia said that the “Vienna Convention grants diplomatic immunity to diplomatic as well as technical staff”. She said that under Pakistani law PLD 1972 all diplomats enjoy immunity.

“Pakistan is a signatory of the Vienna Convention and we must keep the law in mind before giving emotional statements,” she said, adding that “the courts are now looking at the case and would decide accordingly”. She pointed out that along with Raymond Davis 1 million Pakistanis working in U.S. should have also been considered. She added that U.S is the largest market of Pakistani products and 80 percent of revenue comes from U.S.

She said under the present circumstances Pakistan has to abide by the law and we can not afford damaging our diplomatic ties with U.S. In response to a question, Fouzia said that then foreign minister “Shah Mehmood Qureshi had violated party discipline by issuing irresponsible statements on such a sensitive issue”. While former Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi had said that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. envoy to Pakistan Cameron Munter telephoned him and put pressure to “confirm diplomatic immunity for Raymond although it was not confirmed by Foreign Office records”.

She told media about former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s absence from New Federal Cabinet as prerogative of the party leadership to decide on what task was to be given to its members and they were obliged to accept it.

She expressed her views on rifts within party that PPP is united and predictions would prove false about party’s fall. She said the PPP is the only political force with national support in all provinces besides as symbol of the Federation, PPP is capable of uniting the Federation.

However President Asif Ali Zardari’s spokesman Farhatullah Babar dismissed his Fauzia’s statement, calling it her personal view. “This is neither the policy of the party nor the government,” Babar told AFP. The government and party have “made it very clear that Raymond Davis’ case is before court and the court will decide the issue”, he said.

Interestingly analysts are viewing this move a shift in Government’s policy towards Raymond Davis case in wake of U.S. pressure to release Raymond Davis. More of the political analysts are viewing Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s absence from Federal Cabinet indicating change. He has refused on principal grounds to confirms Raymond Davis immunity therefore he was excluded from good books of U.S. Thus if his absence does not authenticate fact that PPP’s government is going to change its policy on Raymond Davis, it provides enough food for thought to Pakistan.

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  • It seems to me that Fouzia Wahab has become a US puppets who is serving the interest of the ruthless US regime not the Pakistani people. The fact is Fouzia Wahab is a liar for saying ““Pakistan is a signatory of the Vienna Convention and we must keep the law in mind before giving emotional statements,”. The fact is the signatory states that have NOT yet finished their ratification procedures are: United States, El Salvador, Trinidad and Tobago, Bolivia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Zambia, Madagascar, Kenya, Ethiopia, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Cambodia. Therefore, The Vienna Convention does not apply to Pakistan at this moment.

    Shame on you Fouzia Wahab for trying to condone the murder! If your brother is murdered the American terrorists, then you’ll understand the suffering of the grieving families of the victims of the US terrorism.

  • editor sb, and mr. obama saheb,

    you and your so-called think tanks having a wrong perception about the ppl of pakistan. you having very poor study about ppl of pakistan. bear in your and your coming generation – ppl of pakistan never show their stomach to others even their stomach having no food since a long time. do not make your assessment or establish your opinion on the base of our leading head (p.m. or president etc) of course they are among us but they live in your house for their own aims. I give two examples as follows:-

    1. look our cricket team – expert say – Pakistani team lose the match but all of sudden they win the match.

    2. Pakistan ppl dead against to get aid from America, even they do not like now to keep relation with America bcz. America is not reliable and true and sincere friend of Pakistan, even not for Muslim.

    Mr. obama and American ppl do not repeatedly mention that Pakistan can not run without the help of u.s.dollars. Mr. obama your given dollars not went to the pocket of flood victim or power and water plus education. Pakistan ppl are in worse condition. please stop your aid (u.s.dollars) let us to stand us on our feets. Pakistani ppl are the follower of a great and priceless leader syad Mohammed el Arabic (pcbh) who fixed two heavy stone on his belly during war. Muslim each year make exercise for 30 days to keep their stomach without food and water. Muslim know that this world having no value. this is transit for Muslim. but we are not allow to kill even non-Muslim. if we kill single one human being its we kill whole human being. Mr. obama – your American killed in our beloved country 4 human being and you are ordering us to release Davis . its mean , America think that he is working on the place of God.
    sorry, American look – what God showed Almighty power, now American nation is under a slave. he is the son of Muslim.
    this is enough to understand of all American. I appeal to all American nation to force their leader to stop war against the poorest countries and save the money for future generation.

    again I clear to American nation – Pakistani ppl are not against you
    only they against your government polices. be sincere with Pakistani nation.

    salaam Pakistan – salaam ppl of Pakistan – salaam ya Mohammed el Arabic

    rai zafar jarral