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Love is Commodity-Valentine’s Day

Initially in the pagan Roman concept, Valentine Day was an expression of “Spiritual Love,” the Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. However the concept has changed from spiritual to more worldly things; particular youth celebrates love and affection between intimate companions.

It is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers and greeting cards, chocolates, teddy bears etc. Thus particular business community is very happy because celebrations of Valentine’s Day gave boost to their businesses, thus considering their business interest they start promoting Valentine Day as a big Festival. No doubt people rush the shops to make their love ones feel important and businesses grow and huge profits fill their pockets. Paper Industry, Export and Import of Flowers, Local and Imported Chocolates, Cocoa beans trade etc have seen a boom due to this day.

The early history did not mention the connection between St.Valentine and romantic love. Feast of St. Valentines was declared to be on February 14 by Pope Gelasius. In 14th century England and France recorded the association of St Valentines Day with romantic love, due to importance of a wide belief that 14 February was day for “Birds to pair off to mate.”

However in the 19th century the Valentine Day was probably came into the North America with settlers from Britain in the United States. In India, our neighboring country the Valentine Day arrived only one decade back, interestingly among youngster in urban cities, it gained more popularity, the young generation was attracted towards Valentine Day because love has become marketed commodity. Benefits of the so called globalization, it is slowly but surely creating a homogeneous culture for the more privileged section of societies in India and around the world.

In Pakistan some extremist outfits see the increasing popularity of Valentine Day among the youth as immoral westernization, and they are very right in saying so. But these extremist use criminal tactics instead of appealing to the reason of “Misled” youth. It is important to stop youth they need to educate Islamic values. Moreover in Pakistan Islamic organizations, called for a ban on Valentine’s Day hinting that “They will not allow westernization of Pakistani culture as St. Valentine was a Christen thus to celebrate Valentine Day on national level will be a violation of Pakistani culture and against the Islamic values.”

With growing influences of Valentine’s day on Pakistani society are beyond damage control. Celebrating such days do not make Pakistan modern but create a shameful society as to pairing can be done between two intimate partners openly that can lead to pre-nuptial physical relations.

Valentines Day has no religious backing, even Pakistani cultural and traditional values in Pakistan do not permit a blind imitation of West. There are ways of expressing love and affections in Pakistani culture too. Liberals tried to denote those beautiful manners as sources to enhance sexual deprivation in society while celebrating such days authenticates the license to have such relations without any restrictions. It is responsibility of parents to teach their children to follow Pakistani and moreover Islamic traditions to express feelings.

Neither Islam nor Pakistani culture stop people to express and show love people have for others. Love is natural phenomenon and calls for certain levels of subtle understanding of human relationships. We still need to seek the scientific side of impact of celebrating only one day labeled for love in whole one year.

In Pakistani culture Westernized values are destroying Pakistani youth and during 14th century. In western countries it is a business for the manipulators and they are least bothered about the moral values, for them love has became a marketable commodity, it goes to their credit that relation and emotions are packaged to be celebrated on a particular day around the Globe on the same day which help them to mint money like any thing.

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