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Qureshi refused to verify immunity for Raymond Davis

Islamabad: Former Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Shah Mehmood Qureshi revealed that he refused Ms Clinton for verifying the immunity for Raymond Davis. He further added that U.S. Ambassador Cameron Muntor has also called him and told him had immunity not verified for Raymond Davis he would not be able to meet Hillary Clinton In Munich. According to Dunya News Shah Mehmood revealed these facts while he paid a farewell visit to his ministry. He said that Raymond Davis is not a diplomat on official records of Foreign Ministry of Pakistan.

Raymond Davis has been in custody of Police in charge of coldblooded murder of two Pakistanis. Since his arrest U.S. has been pressurizing Pakistan for seeking Raymond Davis immunity on diplomatic basis. U.S. Counsil General Carmela Conroy in Lahore stated, “Raymond Davis is entitled to full immunity from criminal prosecution by Pakistan under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961.” However Pakistan has been refusing U.S. resulting in a deadlock between Pakistan and U.S,. Analysts view the postponement of trilateral talks between the United States, Afghanistan and Pakistan due later this month, a latest sign of strained US ties with Islamabad.

However State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said in a statement, “In light of the political changes in Pakistan and after discussions with Afghan and Pakistani officials in Washington, it was agreed to postpone the Trilateral Meeting scheduled for February 23-24,“We look forward to convening a very productive Trilateral Meeting at the earliest opportunity,” he said, adding that Washington remains “committed to robust engagement between Afghanistan, Pakistan and the United States.”

Analysts view his absence from oath taking ceremony for new cabinet, as a row between government and him for having a differing point of view on Raymond Davis issue. Thus Government didn’t allocate Ministry of Foreign Affairs to him and he did not attended the ceremony.

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