Karachi ruled by Target Killers

The Target Killer mafia once again is ruling financial hub of Pakistan, Karachi killing the innocent citizens. Who now have started protesting against these mafias and police too on roads. These mafias serve destructive interests of their masters misleading Pakistan about target killings. Resultantly people are being thrown back into stone era, into another century of repression and exploitations.

Karachi is a cosmopolitan, with passage of time Karachi developed peculiar culture and traditions. Besides the beauty of cosmopolitan is multi-cultural dwellers who come to look for employment opportunities from interior Sindh and other provinces.

It is unfortunate that a Commercial Hub of Pakistan, Karachi has seen such ruthless bloodshed in recent years that has crippled the economy; and Pakistan had lost millions of rupees in term of taxes and foreign investment. However, the future belongs to Karachi, in terms of demographics, in terms of productions, in terms of consumptions, in terms of market, in terms of an expanding capital intensive middle class; Karachi will set the tone, set the pace, and dominate the economic and geopolitical trends of the coming era.

The big leaders of political parties and top brass of sensitive agencies sitting in Islamabad should look in, that the ongoing target killing in Karachi will not end unless the government tracked down and extradited the target killers irrespective of affiliations to the political or religious outfits. It is patent reality that ethnic, religious and political outfits are causing this unrest and target killings, just to influence people by the power show of such ruthless activities.

Unfortunately, the law enforcement agencies are aware of the fact that who are the culprits engaged in collecting “Bhatta” from the shopkeepers, however they are helpless. Law enforcement Agencies have been failed in functioning because they have been branded and made under the control of certain politicians who have divided city into several part allocated to different outfits.

Furthermore these thugs enjoy this “Bhatta Money” and roam in big Pajero’s; but pretend to be innocent on while interviewing on TV shows. They claim that karachi is their city but still want to have a powerful clinching hand over poor masses, even deny the fact that they have been involved in target killing. Even a beggar on the street can give the details of exorcist, target killers and party behind this menace.

Face saving tactics like a slogan of deweaponizing Karachi, Punjab or Pakistan will not serve the purpose. Government needs to establish its writ in Karachi as a permanent solution. All law enforcing agencies including Arm Forces will have to work independently and without getting pressure from mafias. This cleansing process should go on until they have apprehended all the target killers to curb this menace. The common practice that has declined the beauty of mutli-cultural set-up of Karachi is killing in name of provincialism or ethnicity, even if killed ones are not identified with political or ethnic affiliations, their murders are tagged under “Target Killings” .

The fundamental mistake, which contributed to long-term historical calamity, was that we are not consistently committed to the values of freedom, democracy, social equality and self determination that ultimately undermine the basic tenets of terrorism and target killing. Yet the early decisions of dictator to arm, train the most extreme fanatics sowed the seeds that is now swirling around us.

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