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Friday, June 25, 2021

Nadeem Khan Yousafzai named new MD Pakistan International Airlines

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Karachi: Captain Nadeem khan Yousafzai, a former pilot of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), has been appointed new Managing Director of Pakistan International Airlines; informed the spokesperson of PIA. He has been appointed after the Captain Aijaz Haroon resigned, after four days strikes of Pakistan International Airlines’s employees in wake of selling precious routes to Turkish Airline. He has been serving as Director General (DG) of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). His notification as Managing Director od National career is expected to be issued in 24 hours.

Employees of Pakistan International Airlines have ended four-days strike that crippled traveling in the country after the resignation of major officials. The leader of the employee union for Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Captain Sohail Boaloch said their major demand was the resignation of the company’s managing director. Besides cancellation of MoU signed between Turkish Airlines and Pakistan International Airlines.

According to Dawn News Aijaz Haroon will be assigned office of Director General (DG) of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

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  1. The four-day long PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) crisis ended on Friday after the government decided to accept the demands of the airlines’ union and announced to remove MD PIA Aijaz Haroon and reinstate all its sacked employees.

    The government also signed a written non-official agreement with the five members of PIA employees’ Joint Action Committee (JAC) and under the agreement union leaders announced to resume all PIA operations from Saturday.

    Minister of Interior Rehman Malik and Minister of Defence Ahmed held more than two hours long deliberations with the JAC at the Ministry of Interior on early Friday night. Convener and President Pakistan Airlines Pilot Association (PALPA), Sohail Baloch, led the JAC.

    Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar along with the interior minister and JAC members told reporters that they had reached an agreement with the PIA union and the government has accepted all their demands. He said that the removal of MD PIA was one of their demands and MD has decided to voluntarily resign from his post. He also announced that the resignation of MD PIA Aijaz Haroon had been accepted. He further informed the reporters that all the sacked employees of PIA were being reinstated as well as cases against them were being withdrawn. This was another demand of the union. The defence minister also said that new PIA MD would be appointed soon.

    About the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the selling of PIA routes to Turkish Airline, he said that his ministry neither signed such an MoU nor forwarded it to the Cabinet for approval. “My ministry is not aware of any such development,” he added.

    The interior minister while talking to media persons said that both President Zardari as well as Prime Minister Gilani had entrusted him and the defence minister the task to negotiate with the protesting PIA employees and they did it. “I sought 24 hours of time period from the PIA union and forwarded their demands to the President and Prime Minister,” he added.

    Malik and Baloch apologised to the masses for the inconvenience they had to face during the last four days due to protests of PIA employees. Mukhtar and Baloch said that they would try to improve the conditions of the airline within six months.

    Monitoring Desk adds:?Captain Nadeem Khan Yousafzai has been appointed new PIA?Managing Director, reported a private TV channel. A PIA spokesman said that Captain Nadeem Yousafzai would hold MD office emptied by Ejaz Haroon.

  2. AOA, well sir Capt Yousafzai is also a good friend of our President. the main reason he was appointed for the post of DG CAA. but I have to ask why has been Capt Aijaz haroon appointed as DG CAA where as he should have been taken to the court to justify his actions.

    point to note here is that the employees will have more loyalties with PIA as they know they will remain with the organization for years to come but thes Positions like MD are politically appointed and they MD knows he is there for maximum 5 years.

    Some one so shamefully removed from a such a psestigeous position must have have done something wrong and he has been bestowed by an other position. well God save CAA Pakistan


    I Visited National Press Club Islamabad to see this blind ex employee of PIA . The record available with him reveals that great injustice has been done with him by PIA. When justice was refused, he got ill. Due to mental tension /torture given by PIA, he has been deprived from eye sight from both eyes, now, he is permanently BLIND. Can PIA management return his eye sight which has been lost due to their high handedness? This is a loss which cannot be compensated by giving him billion of rupees. Perhaps, this is a reward of his services, which he rendered for PIA. His documentary record shows, that while performing the duties as. TUG MASTER OPERATOR, he saved the air crafts during heavy rain and storm by putting his life into danger. Many appreciation letters were giving to him on different occasions, for participating into UNION ACTIVITIES he was victimized by his immediate bass Mr. SOHAIL QUDDUS RAJA Manager TGS by involving him false and fabricated case. His dismissal was made on the alleged allegation that he was under influence of alcohol while pushing back the air craft, due to which Tow Bar of the Tug Master damaged. While imposing the major penalty, the following important facts/evidence were not taking into consideration by the competent authority
    (A). that TUG MASTER NO 1774 was defective from the first very day. It remained first at Karachi Air Port and then it was shifted to Lahore Air Port and (NOW this TUG MASTER, in lying as a scrape material, at Islamabad Air Port. This fact can be conformed from tug master operators who operated it.
    (B) Mr. Ayaz Hussain, shift in charge, made a written statement on oath before Inquiry Officer that MR Qaiser was normal, therefore, I. deputed him to push back the air craft on 25-2-2004.
    (C).Mr. Iqtdar Ali Zaidi Operator who was also sitting along with Mr. Qaiser as trainee made a statement on oath that push back was normal but wheels of Tow Bar touched the ground being defective.MrQaiser stopped it slowly as in case of use of full brakes damage to nose landing gear would have been occurred. After the incident, Mr. Qaiser was sent to CCA Doctor for check up who found him normal.(C)Mr. Mukhtar Ali, Operation Officer also made a statement on oath that Mr. Qaiser was normal and behaving like normal man while accompanying from Airport to Laboratory.
    (D).The statement of MR Aftab Rashid Khailji dose not mention that Mr. Qaiser was under influence of alcohol.
    (E). the statement of CAA Doctor was not recorded by the I.O. because it goes in favor of accused.
    (F). The doctor of morning shift did not examine the accused, she just took dictation of MR Sohail on phone and send the accused for blood test in a private lab wherefrom MR Sohail managed to get positive report against the accused.
    (G).The amenity of MR SOHAIL with accused proved from his statement wherein he has stated on oath that he was told by Mr. Kh Akhtar Duty Engineer that Mr. Qaiser was under influence of alcohol at the time of accruing the incident. Whereas, Mr. Kh Akhtar in his own statement has not mentioned this fabricated story.
    (H).The Inquire Officer ignored the statements of four people, which were made on oath and relied upon a medical report which was obtained from unknown private Lab.
    The record with this blind person further reveals that he had challenged his wrongful dismissal before Federal service Tribunal. But after lapse of almost six yeas, he could not get justice; the tribunal ordered his compulsory retirement due to his blindness. Whereas, he had prayed for retirement on medical grounds after reinstating him into service being innocent OR reinstatement against disable quota.
    Due to financial hardships and blindness, he could not file appeal before Supreme Court. The contention of this blind poor person is that Government has reinstated thousand of sacked employees who had not even approached to the courts but in his case justice is not being denied on technical grounds.
    The sacked poor blind employee, who is sitting before National press club Islamabad for the last more than three months, has appealed to Chief Justice of Pakistan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Minster for Defense Minister and newly appointed MD PIA as under.
    (a) Retirement on medical grounds after reinstatement into service OR reinstatement into service against disable quota.
    (b)Reasonable financial assistance so that he may be able spends life with his children and ailing old parents.



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