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Warrant of arrest issues for former Minister for Religious Affairs

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Civil Court on Thursday issued warrant of arrest for former religious affairs Minister Hamid Saeed Kazmi. Islamabad Civil Court judge Aslam Gondal issued the warrant against Kazmi for his alleged involvement in massive corruption during Haj operations. Kazmi was the religious affairs minister during Haj and he oversaw the Haj operations.

A team of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) raided the house of Kazmi Thursday but he could not be arrested. During earlier hearings, FIA officials investigating the case told the Supreme Court they found incriminating evidence against Kazmi.

The officials had also asked the court to question Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani’s son Abdul Qadir Gilani who was allegedly involved in the scam. Secretary at the Ministry of Religious Affairs, who appeared in the court, said that the ministry had compensated 96 percent of Haj pilgrims affected by the scam. He said no middleman would be hired for the Haj operation from next year.

The Religious Affairs Secretary, who also appeared in court, stated that the ministry has compensated 96 per cent of the pilgrims affected by the scam in the Hajj arrangements. He said no middle man will be hired for the government’s Hajj operation from next year and that the Hajj quota will be alloted on merit. The court ordered the Religious Affairs Secretary to frame a transparent Hajj policy.

Courtesy :Arab News

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  • Great News ! Thanks God action is being taken for attempting corruption. This may alarm all the other culprits to be very careful from now !


    your comments are 100 percent good. but i differ with you on hameed saeed qazimi sb. as per his statements and having close to relation with islamic values. saed qazimi sb. not involve in haj corruption.yes, ppl who was working under him, they might be involve.

    madam sana saleem i also differ that coming ppl of pakistan will get lesson, no chance bibi. corruption and cheating is in our jean.
    pakistani ppl from head to bottum are corrupt and sex moniac. according to my study as follows:
    1. Mohammed ali jinah
    2. Dr. iqbal
    3. ghulam Mohammed
    4. Yaboub khan
    5. Yayah khan
    6. zulifqar bhattu
    7. benazir bhattu
    8. nawaz sharif
    9. mushrif
    10.asif ali zardar (10 percent)

    thats enough to prove my claim

    rai zafar jarral