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Pakistan Federal Cabinet dissolved

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s over 80-member Federal Cabinet was dissolved here on Wednesday. Earlier Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani chaired last meeting of the Cabinet. Officials sources told, “all ministers rendered their resignations to Prime Minister Gilani today. Officials said ,” Prime Minister Gilani accepted the ministers’ resignations and lauded their services.

Addressing the last session of the cabinet on Wednesday, Prime Minister Gilani said a new cabinet would be sworn in within the next 24 hours. Prime Minister Gilani said the Cabinet during its 75 meetings took 175 important decisions out of which 77 have been implemented. He also pointed the new NFC award, Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan, autonomy of Gilgit Baltistan and the fight against terrorism as decisions of great significance. “Together we faced the daunting challenge of the unprecedented floods, with the help of the friends in the world and our brave nation.” He further said that the government was moving towards implementing the constitution.

The decision of dissolution and rightsizing of Federal Cabinet was announced last Friday by ruling party member Jahangir Badar in light of decisions of the Central Executive Committee of Pakistan Peoples Party. It follows criticism that the Cabinet, which had more than 80 ministers, is too bloated and costly for a country facing a financial crunch.

The Central Executive Committee had authorised the Prime Minister to dissolve the cabinet and form a smaller one. Gilani was tasked to appoint a smaller cabinet with fewer ministers enjoying reputation of “integrity, competence and efficiency.” The ruling Pakistan People’s Party has tried to forge stronger ties to opposition groups to gain cooperation on making changes to tax laws and other economic policies. Pakistan is relying on billions in loans from the International Monetary Fund, which has demanded that it reform its economy.

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  1. The way our media men conducted their programs last night was nothing less than sickening. What they wanted the PM to say was “H—-zadon, shukar khuda ka kay yeh kabeena kee aakhri mulaqat hay. Mujhay sharmindagy hay kay tum jaisay jahilon kay saath kaam kiya. Itnay achay haalat ko tum logon nay tabah kar diya. Jahannum mayn jao!”. With the cabinet dissolved, we can only hope that a new cabinet is formulated at the earliest so that we don’t spend time unnecessarily speculating who is becoming and who is not. Off course, those who will be retained, will be criticized. Those who will be new inductees, will be criticized. And yes, Zardari is the bad man of Pakistan.


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