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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Traders of Shah Alam Market give govt 5 days deadline for compensation

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Lahore: The fire in the Shah Alam Market was finally controlled after 28 hours. Situation in the area is yet not cleared as smoke is still rising from the buildings. Unfortunate traders have claimed damages in millions, they have demanded the government for compensation. According to reports the traders have given the government a deadline of 5 days to compensate the damages.

The fire that started yesterday in the whole sale market Shah Alam in Lahore was finally put out by fire fighters. The fire initially started off slow in the multi story building but then quickly captured the whole building. The fire fighters faced a lot of difficulty in controlling the fire. The fire not only cost the traders but also damaged surrounding houses and even burnt one mosque. Helicopters were called in as the water pressure was not enough to get to put out the fire. Further more the densely populated street jeopardized the rescue activities. Rescue 1122 also contributed in the efforts.

Several people who were working in the building that caught fire in Shah Alam Market are still missing. The family members are searching for the people who are missing. The fire that erupted in the building took a total of 28 hours to put out. The traders have asked the government for compensation and have also given a deadline of 5 days.

Input from Agencies

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