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Kashmir Solidarity Day

It started with a sad incident in 1994, incident that made atmosphere around me quite gloomy. However incident does not have connection with this article. On February 5, 1994 i assumed; being a five years old brain; that holiday being observed was due to incident that occurred in my personal life but as my father told me that was a national holiday and commemorated as Kashmir Solidarity Day. That was the first time when i came to know about this day and the issue of Kashmir; I might have been observing holidays in previous years too but never noticed. Since then started digging more about Kashmir and had enough knowledge about the motives to celebrate this day.

5th February is marked as red with the title of “Kashmir Day” in Pakistan’s official calendar since 1990. Apparently, it is all done to show the solidarity, our so-called emotions, and feelings towards the people of Kashmir. High levels of sarcasm does not prove that I do not understand the sufferings of Kashmiri people and consider them a part of Pakistan but the fact about ruthless attitude of mine is approach we as nation has developed towards this day and long lingering issue.

Kashmir is one of the gravest issues Pakistan is adhering on internal and external fronts but for past few years, Kashmir issue is not being addressed properly though it had attracted the attention of International community. Our neighbor has always been haughty and we have rather then play this inning on the front foot have taken many steps back that today it is totally out of our priority list. “Kashmir will be the part of Pakistan” (translation of a famous slogan) is nothing more than a shallow statement because this does not carry any water anymore.

Watching the circumstances several times I thought that Kashmir should not become the part of Pakistan. Perhaps my hunches are similar as of those for East Pakistan. Without justifying my nationalism and love for country and Kashmir i better want to change insensitive approach towards this issue. I know i am annoying several people but before getting angry on me; ask few questions from yourself!!
What importance are we giving as nation to this day other than having another national holiday watching some movies in the evening before and staying up for late hours and spend half of the day either in sleeping or playing cricket.
And By the way, what was the last time you thought about the people of Kashmir who are suffering in the clutches of the brutal grip.

I aspire peace in every part of the world including Indian Held Kashmir. Freedom for the People of Kashmir; their sufferings forc me to pray for them to hold a plebiscite and they could spend their lives in accordance with their wishes. Whenever i see the clips, i wish that kashmiris should decide their fate not politicians and delegates from India and Pakistan.

I anticipate the day approaching near. Among elated people i’ll be standing happiest when Kashmiris sufferings will end and they will breath freely. Yet I am sad, I am sad not because Kashmir is burning, Indian Army is crushing the integrity of kashmiris, several kashmiri generations have been set in this fire; i am sad because of insensitive and inhumane approach we have develop towards Kashmir in last few years. Had holidays and seminars have solved this issue; 21 years would have been enough. Only need is to prioritize our problems to address those properly.

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Rai Muhammad Azlan is blogger and a potential Entrepreneur. He calls himself an "Icon in the Making". He is currently studying Marketing from University of the West of England. He is a proud Pakistani.
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