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Experts in Peru discover pre-Incan temple and complex of tombs

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LAMBAYEQUE, PERU: Archaeologists have discovered pre-Columbian ruins in Lambayeque, an expert confirmed on Thursday (February 3). The discoveries – which include various intact tombs, burial offerings and a religious temple – are believed to span the cultures that occupied the coastal area from 1500 BC to the Spanish era.

Experts scouring the land around Huaca Santa Rosa complex also found burial offerings, evidence of rituals and human remains. Workers have been carefully cleaning the finds so they can be studied at length. Archaeologist Edgard Bracamonte explained their importance.

“Well, what I have found across the site is a cultural sequence of the Lambayeque zone, from the formative period, 1500BC, until the Inca occupation. We have difference cultures that flourished exclusively in the zone. They have found 14 complete tombs from the Lambayeque, Chimu and Inca periods. They have also found nine disturbed tombs, in the same recuperation. And they have found a set of 17 offerings, including finely decorated textiles, wooden objects from the Inca era, like typical Kero vases,” said Bracamonte.

Peru is a country rich in ancient treasure. It has hundreds of sites that date back thousands of years and span dozens of cultures, including the ancient Incan empire that was in power when Spanish explorers arrived in the early 1500s. The city of Lambayeque lies 472 miles (760 kilometres) of north Lima, Peru’s capital, and is an area rich in history.-Reuters

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