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PPP condemns tirade against Co-Chairman PPP President Zardari


Islamabad: Spokesperson of the President Farhatullah Babar has issued the following statement. “The Pakistan Peoples Party deplores and condemns the launch of a vicious and unethical tirade on the net against Co-Chairman PPP President Asif Ali Zardari insinuating that the President had recently re-married secretly. “Such personal attacks from anonymous sources can only be launched by those suffering from diseased minds and sickly souls.

“The latest tirade based on lies and showing how low the detractors of President Zardari can stoop and how much they are consumed by their hatred is condemned in the strongest possible terms”.

Few days back rumors started echoing as if Asif Zardari got married with Tanveer Zamani quoting Muslim Shariat Bylaws in Dubai last week. It was told that in news appeared on few blogs that ceremony was not held. However the marriage religious vows, paper work and prenuptial have been confirmed. This happened 3 years after the assassination of Slain Bhutto.

Zardari is widower of Benazir Bhutto, who twice served as Prime Minister of Pakistan. When his wife was assassinated in December 2007, he became the Co-Chairman of the PPP. It has been claimed that Asif Ali Zardari is one of the top four richest men in Pakistan. After matchless victory of PPP in 1988 elections, Benazir Bhutto became first woman Prime Minister of Pakistan, and her husband Asif Ali Zardari became a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan. He was notorious with a nickname, “Mr 10%”, in wake of corruption charges against him. He remained in Jail from 1990 -1993 and 1997-2004.

Tanveer Zamani is a Mediterranean descent American resident, and she lives in Gramercy Park, Manhattan, New York . Tanveer Zamani is a practicing physician and known to be a PPP loyalist. She earned PhD degree in International Politics from UK . She owns estates in London, Dubai, Islamabad and Manhattan. Tanveer Zamani is a known Democrat and supported Obama’s 2008 election campaign. She actively participated in Obama’s Health Care reform bill to make it a law. Recently, she has been prohibited to attend the public political meetings due to her security issues. website further reveals that Asif Ali Zardari in a meeting with Obama on 1/14/11 in DC, requested his help in acquiring security for Tanveer Zamani.

Every media is still trying to find an evidence before they jump into this leak. They wonder what is behind this marriage; Love, political move or Wealth. The event was supposed to be an undisclosed sentinel secret, but it is released through a fashion designer company by a UAE news agency.



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