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Gender Equality inches up in Pakistan

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The debate on gender discrimination in social spectrum of Pakistan is going for centuries. A wide believe is that woman is sub-ordinate to men particularly in male chauvinistic societies. However in wake of enlightened moderation and social pressures from international community keeping in view of several cases of women oppression, in last decade gender equality has inched up in Pakistan.

However I will refer from the Holy Book verses 228, chapter 2, SURAH BAQRA, reads as under

“And woman shall have rights, similar to the rights against them, according to what is equitable, but men have a degree (of advantage) over them”

This verse proves that Islam gives equal rights to men and woman. The verse further says that men have a degree of advantage over woman. Here I want to make it clear that most of the people have faltered and even some of the commentators have misconceived these words. Woman is supposedly weaker sex and she has got to be given special protection under certain circumstances i.e. pregnancy etc, however man are stronger on basis of their biological organization and formations.

Where men and women compliment each other this little advantage given to men does not give credit to man and no discredit to woman. This advantage is being given to men in order that he could be able to effectively discharge his duties that includes his priority as protector and maintainer of a woman.

In recent years, social and economical pressures have forced women to step out of houses unlike early yeas of Pakistan. Thus complexities started to increase. Thus a demand for special space for women was escalating since long with in women folk. However besides people who were against the women rights, there has been big segment of society who favors women empowerment. Pakistani males with progressive approaches believe in women empowerment, therefore pro-women laws have been introduced to ensure the security of women as individuals. Positive aspect is that the Government of Pakistan is working in a right direction, it has amended discriminatory laws against women and moreover, increased number of women legislators, Speaker national assembly and several other important positions are filled by women.

Furthermore, it is pertinent to mention that Woman in Pakistan are now participating in sports earlier known for male orientation. In wake of pro-women laws and adequate encouragement Pakistani women have started to exhibit their capabilities. Pakistan Women Cricket Team has won the Asian Cup in 2010. Several Athletes have won laurels for Pakistan. Several Industries are now female dominated e.g Fashion, Social Media Marketing and Public relations etc. Several Channels are dedicated to only women, and their emancipation. Women are now being inducted to more organizations because they prove themselves more competent and hardworking.

Most important role in this regard was played by Electronic and Print Media. Media Organizations particularly high lighted the issues related to their oppression, and arranged talk shows promoting women rights. Bench Marks like Benazir Bhutto former slain prime Minister of Pakistan, who set examples for not only Pakistani women but for whole womanhood across the world to stand up and raise voice for their rights.

Pakistani society has witnessed a slight but encouraging raise in gender equality. However Pakistani women are not westernized and following the patterns of freedom and liberty West is known for. The dignity for being woman is always take care of in Pakistan. Bigger role and kudos to the male folk in Pakistan who with enhanced levels of tolerance are now more progressive. Men want women to play important role in mainstream socio-economy for becoming constructive part of society.

However this way women role has also increased manifold, she besides looking after her home is responsible for her work too. Her home or work suffer due to her divided attentions. But at such early stage when women just are trying to make place in international communities, this can be discouraging. She has been respected mother, then why not as a wife, sister and daughter. Gender inequality is global phenomenon, and not only Pakistan but developed countries have been stigmatized with issues related to women sanctity either at homes or work places.

For Pakistanis dignity, equality, equal opportunity, responsibility and respect of the women, irrespective of their faith, religion, culture and traditions. Pakistan is one of the top listed countries of the world where gender inequality was growing day by day however situation is getting better. But there are obstacles and challenges ahead on national fronts that call for urgent attention to be redressed.

Access to Education should be made equal for women and men both to reduce the disparity between both folks. Once the problem of literacy is addressed many problems will vanish from the screen automatically. Women role in making a community, a country, a nation or world is very important. They have been playing their role efficiently, however the nature of duties have been changed to some extent. Where women have been trusted, i am sure the out put would be positive.

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  1. very interesting reading. it is so reassuring to know that things are improving considerably for women in Pakistan. If that happens, nothing can stop this great nation from achieving success, in terms of poverty eradication, education and health facilities for all. it is only women, who can , as has been proved globally, play the most important role in bringing about the transformation. only those societies where women are given their due and are respected progress and develop and prosper.
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  2. “And woman shall have rights, similar to the rights against them, according to what is equitable, but men have a degree (of advantage) over them”
    Hello everyone calls me Sonshine .I am a woman born and raised in usa of many so called races.Equal rights has always been a right in my life time,but in the usa we have had many hurdles to over come and to keep a balance of home work mate has not worked so well.Not because it is unjust but with so many from so many walks in life and wars and so on family’s have been broken up .I think all men should honor female’s and same for a female’s to honor male’s .I do not think we should be forced into a set pattern that makes 1 human higher or lower then another.I pray for you all in peace to be able to be respected mother’s ,teacher’s,friends,wife’s,and most of all as human’s.My heart goes to anyone myself included who has or will be held in a lower space than another we are all God’s children no mater the race or religion as we are all people of equal dreams of a better life for our children.
    be safe walk in peace allways

  3. well well well , i’ve no doubt on every word written here, i’ve no doubt that the Pakistani woman is hardworking and competent enuff to prove herself in every field but i myself working and these words seems to me totally opposite in practical environment, no doubt im respected at my work place but still there’s always a bunch of people, and surely men, who think that if she’s a girl, she’s working fo fun, i mean even if im working fo fun & i ve less responsibility than them, still im earning by giving my efforts, my services and my time. working women are respected, and should be treated equally ’cause there’s no reason to disgrace ’em jus discriminating their gender. but im happy the situation with those are better here who prefer to stay at home.
    we are educated and have enuff of education now, all we need is to vast our minds too to accept that if she’s a girl and proving her, She’s better than us and YES SHE’S …

    • to some extent you are right Aisha! however we can encourage our women by telling them they are professional and situation can get better.. while telling men that they can help women growing..

  4. I comment from the United States, where women are fast advancing toward equality on the economic front (in recent years, they have progressed from being paid 74 cents for every dollar paid to men for comparable work to making 89 cents, and the trend continues) and the current generation of college students and recent graduates has actually evinced an edge for women in both college acceptance and post-collegiate hiring rates.

    Culturally, however, women often remain shackled by disparate expectations under which they are faulted for failing to care properly for their families if they work, but economic necessity compels them to work anyway. Further, they are the focus of the rage of those who blame them for getting abortions but to absolve the men who got them pregnant; this is despite the fact that those doing the blaming are usually male and therefore cannot possibly understand what it is to be pregnant with a child they cannot raise except in want and misery.

    The good news: The generation responsible for most of the inequities is aging and will soon be gone. The big question: To what extent will it first pass on its distorted values to the generation now maturing? We can only hope that a changing world will not leave US (and other) culture unchanged in this vital respect, although some US media are obviously doing their best to isolate and benight their audiences.

    On the whole, I am cautiously hopeful that women’s condition will continue to improve around the world, and will do so apace.

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