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Spot Fixing: What is the fate of Pakistani Trio

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 is around the corner the biggest ever stage in the history of cricket is going to be set for the biggest cricket event ever. Every stage has a background and it is impossible that there is no activity at the back stage. This stage and backstage is no different. On paper Pakistan, India, Srilanka, and Bangladesh are hosting this event but in reality, there is not a single match going to be played in Pakistan. The reason for this development is apparently security issues. After Srilankan cricket team attacked in 2009; all the hopes for hosting World Cup were almost over furthermore PCB is more to blamed for failing in taking up case in ICC tribunal well.

Let the bygone be bygone, but how can it happen when every time there is something going on which is some way or the other connected to the old stories that we keep putting under the rug. After T20 World Cup victory in 2009, such circumstances either were created or came into being when team had to see a new captain after almost every series. This change the captain streak led us to the most disreputable Pakistan tour of England ever. It has been the history of our Cricket Team or the English media’s magnanimity that Pakistani Cricket Team never came back with clear handedly. They brought a controversy always, Ball Tampering in 1992 and 1996, Umpire issue in 2006, and now in 2010 the Match and Spot fixing.

Apparently, six or seven cricketers were declared suspicious according to a controversial newspaper called News of the World (NOTW), as now I am living in UK I know how much credible these red tabloids are. By today, only three are facing all the, so-called, legal process. One of them is captain of that controversial test match Salman Butt, and the other two were the opening bowlers for Pakistan in said match. This all is done in the name of spot fixing according to the sting operation by News of the World. In an older post on My Land Pakistan; i explained that video can be fabricated any time, before or after the event, there is not adequate proof that illustrates that renowned video in which Pakistani Trio Muhammad Asif, Muhammad Amir and Salman Butt were shown are factual or not. Nothing proves that referred spot fixing deal was done before the incident. Possibly, these wide/No balls could be an accident and now it is being capitalized.

All three cricketers have been revoked to part take in officially or cricket related affairs. Strange enough nothing is proved yet the anti corruption unit of ICC still has not announced any decision. There was news that this Doha Episode of this story is just a formality. Moreover, the decision against three of them has already been made. So question arises is:  why after almost three weeks??  our ears and eyes are waiting to see and hear the decision. Is the anti corruption unit also busy in World Cup preparation, or deliberately the decision is being delayed? Well reason might be to make sure that these three do not get into action again.

However, the fact remains that they are not part of world cup Squad playing in ICC  Cricket World Cup 2011, that can be the biggest motive of whole drama staged. Let’s justify why these have been made the target?  Salman Butt, who was the captain of Pakistani team in that particular match, he is the captain who won a test series against Australia in 16 years and he somehow became the reliable batsman. He scored 6 centuries against Australia, 3 centuries against India. Muhammad Asif was getting into rhythm as he was wickets taking batsman and swinging the ball in his signature style. And the third one is Muhammad Amir, interestingly this chapter begun during the very first test match after the English Media started calling him a wonder kid; saying if he can do wonders at the age of 18 how invincible he is going to be with experience.  In previous test Muhammad Amir was the Man of the Match, means he was playing so well. This has been for the first time that players are being penalized before official decision is yet to be announced, whereas in past the case was reverse; players kept playing till they proved guilty.

This was all done by someone who was not our own, according to a famous Urdu verse in this case; we have complaints from our own authorities. Just like hosting the World Cup case Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has not taken up this case well. Our own media and our own PCB have not backed our players. I am not talking about supporting the culprit, but I believe that one remains innocent unless proved guilty. Our media declared them match fixers just after the news was broken. In addition, PCB never took a stance for them and imposed restrictions one after the other upon these three players as well as the other players. If there is, something in cricketing organization is to straightened its way is Pakistan Cricket Board. Players might not have been as corrupt and culprits as the board.

Few points to ponder upon for those who love Green Shirts: Year 2006, England Tour, Come back of Shoaib Akhter and Muhammad Asif, both were declared positive in dope before the ICC Champions’ Trophy. Later on they were allowed to play but right before the Cricket World Cup the sharp edge of Dope Test shined again and these two players were not allowed to represent green shirts in Mega Event. Why only men in green? Why only those players who are in form? and why it all happen when a mega event is about to take place

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