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World Wetlands Day 2011 – February 2nd

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Save Forests for Water and Wetlands
The Federal Ministry of Environments Pakistan; Wetlands Program has been a trend setter in developing a firm base for mainstreaming the values of wetlands across Pakistan. The Program, being implemented by the WWF, World Wide Fund for Nature, Pakistan, is once again announcing the celebration of one of its mega events being held each year on February, 2nd, 2011, to mark the date of adoption of the International Convention on Wetlands in Ramsar, Iran in 1971.

The Federal Minister for Environment, Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi, will grace the occasion at the Islamabad College for Girls, Islamabad. This year, the World Wetlands Day celebrations will focus on the theme Wetlands and Forests with a slogan Forests for Water and Wetlands. This has been designed to create a sense of awareness among ourselves about the role forests play in our environments. This opportunity to celebrate the value of forests comes together with the UN declaration for 2011 as the International year of Forests – an ideal time to start thinking about this precious resource!

The value of Forests and wetlands can not be undermined in today’s world of climate uncertainty and global warming. These natural systems not only provide vital sinks for green house gases but also present a unique ecosystem that supports a rich population of biodiversity and life. Healthy forested wetlands provide the necessary boost to fight off the threats that pose to degrade our environment. It is in this context that the Pakistan Wetlands Program intends to emphasis on creating awareness about the vital connectivity that exist between forests, wetlands and us.

The event being celebrated in Islamabad will engage more than 3,000 students from around sixty local public and private schools. This campaign also runs in other towns and villages of Pakistan. A range of activities have been organized to enable the students to express their views on the subject through arts, debate, 3 D Models, play and poetry competitions, among other activities. This event would serve as a knowledge sharing avenue where students along with their families and friends will have the opportunity to exchange their views and also learn from environmental experts about the significance of forests and wetlands.

The World Wetlands Day Competitions are open to all. To participate in this and for more information: Contact, Nasir Iqbal Malik,
Coordinator, Awareness-raising and Communications,
Pakistan Wetlands Program, at 051-2114125-9

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