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LHC blocks move to release Raymond Davis

Lahore: The Lahore High Court (LHC) has ordered the concerned authorities not to release Raymond Davis, a U.S. national detained by police charged for dual murders of Pakistanis in Lahore last week. The Court also ordered the government to place the name of Raymond Davis on the “Exit Control List” to prevent him from leaving Pakistan.

An order is issued to put his name on the ECL (exit control list). The case has been adjourned for 15 days. The United States on Monday again called for the release of Raymond Davis, who was arrested after killing two Pakistani motorcyclists in broad daylight in Lahore, saying that he acted in legitimate self-defence.

Visiting U.S. congressmen on Monday asked President Asif Ali Zardari to free Raymond Davis. However a local lawyer Saeed Zafar filed the petition in the Lahore High Court to block any move to hand Davis over to the United States, claiming that Davis must stand trial in Pakistan and should not be handed over to the US government.

“He is a member of the embassy’s technical administrative staff and therefore entitled to full criminal immunity. He cannot be lawfully arrested or detained in accordance with the Vienna Convention,” said State Department spokesman Philip Crowley. U.S. embassy has asked for diplomatic immunity for Raymond Davis.

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