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PTA asks mobile operaters to shut Blackberry services for Foriegn Missions

Islamabad: Pakistan telecommunication Authority has asked mobile telephone operators to stop BlackBerry services to foreign missions in the country due to security concerns relating to the communications, industry sources said on Monday. Two industry officials confirmed that the regulator, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), had asked them to stop all Blackberry services to foreign missions. PTA spokesperson was not available for the comment.

It is being told that this decision has been taken regarding security and few other issues including BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server). Mobile companies are trying to resolve in consultation with the PTA. Pakistani industry and government officials say that the government had never allowed BlackBerry services to foreign missions and inbound roamers when the services were launched in Pakistan in 2005. The government also initially banned the more secure BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) services in Pakistan.

Reports reveal that initially instructions have been flouted by all five Pakistani mobile operators. The reasons for this restriction is yet unknown. An industry source said that the government had asked all operators in the country to enforce the restrictions. A highly placed source at PTA told that no cellular company can provide Blackberry services to foreign missions and in-bound roamers in first place, so any instruction for suspension of service is supposedly the re-enforcement practice.

However all the operators have agreed to close all BlackBerry connections provided to them by January 31. It is also believed that decision are being taken on the provision of BES to local customers as well as BlackBerry services to incoming roamers.

PTA Chairman has rejected this news according to TC Channels.

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