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Let Law prevail in Raymond Davis case

Since Raymond Davis was arrested on Thursday 25, January 2011 several theories and facts have been lurking around about his name, his official status in U.s. Embassy. He is an American thus quick changes have been witnessed including demand of his immediate release from U.S. embassy and Pakistani Government facing off The U.S. in handing over Raymond Davis. However events leading up to Raymond Davis arrest are wrapped in mystery.

Raymond Davis has been charged with double murder and taken into custody by police that U.S. embassy called unlawful in its press release and said that he is entitled for diplomatic immunity. Interestingly Raymond Davis claimed that he shot the two armed Pakistani men in self-defense when they confronted him. It has since been revealed that both men were shot from behind, which makes the self-defense plea untenable.

Pakistani authorities claim that Raymond Davis was on a visit visa, hence he cannot get diplomatic immunity. The White House maintains that ‘Raymond Davis’ is not his real name. US State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said, “We have not released the identity of our employee at this point.” Some reports indicate that Raymond Davis runs Hyperion Protective Consultants, LLC, a company that provides “loss and risk management professionals”. It has also not made clear that in what capacity Raymond Davis was working for the US Consulate in Lahore. It is also pertinent to mention that he was not only armed but a well trained shooter because he didn’t miss a single fire.

Instead of U.S. commitment of cooperating with the Pakistani authorities investigating murder of three Pakistanis by U.S. national, the U.S. administration is also forcing Pakistani government to release Raymond Davis immediately. Pakistani Public skepticism is high now a days and Anti-American sentiment is already heightened here. Thus U.S. asking for Raymond Davis release without a proper court hearing and going through judicial process, the Americans are adding fuel to fire and not doing any good to change their image.

Analysts are calling it a test case for the PPP government. While this government has owned war on terror and asking the people to cooperate calling it a war for our own survival. And in this war Pakistan has suffered more than anyone else in this war. Thus many are against this war. If Raymond Davis is released without judicial process, forces can exploit this situation. Human Rights promoter U.S. should bring the real identity and position of Raymond Davis at the U.S. Consulate.

For U.S., Pakistan is its front-line ally in the war against terror but that does not mean it can allow American nationals to violate the law and sovereignty of the land. Raymond Davis should be trialed in court and even if he opened fire in self-defense, the investigations will uncover the truth and judgment will come accordingly. Bilateral relations between the two countries have been fluctuating over the years. It is suggested that both countries should handle this incident with extreme care and let the law of the land prevail.

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Rubab Saleem

Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times

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