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Islamabad Fashion Week

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In last decade only few fields in Pakistan have seen growth, fashion industry is one of them. Pakistani Fashion industry has been, to some extent, successful in catching the attention at international level. The real milestone was the first ever event in the history of Pakistan when Karachi Fashion Week was arranged by of Excellent Events & Entertainment (Pvt.) Limited also known as Tripple E. Since then fashion week has become the regular part of the activities of Pakistani fashion industry. The impact of this fashion week trend has been quite positive so far as it brought certain growth to the industry.

This year Fashion Week took place in Islamabad from January 27th to January 30th. So the capital city enjoyed the charm and glamor of first ever Islamabad Fashion Week. These four days some of the best work from our fashion industry was exhibited in this event where the big names of fashion industry such as Nilofer Shahid, Sadaf Malaterre, Ammar Belal, Kamiar Rokni, Faiza Samee, Sana Safinaz, and HSY shared their creations during the most glamorous event ever in the history of Islamabad.

As compared to cities like Karachi and Lahore, Islamabad is considered to be less lively therefore this event in Islamabad was organized to observe by many to see how calm and quite Isloo react to it. Behind arranging this event in capital was the fact that to bring not only Islamabad in mainstream fashion but to make easy access of bureaucrates and the diplomats based here. Creating and portraying the softer image of Pakistan along with finding out new buyers had been the main focus of event. As all the top models had walkedon the ramp and added glamor to the event ensuring the charm of the event bloom to the right level.

The fashion Industry of Pakistan has been showing upward growth ever since fashion started to echo in Pakistan. However, the journey for the early fashion designers was too long, tedious and full of hurdles. However today Pakistani fashion proudly has made a place in international market as mature field with still a lot of potential yet to be discovered. Events like Islamabad Fashion weeks are one of the main reasons for this growth and recognition. Pioneering idea of holding fashion weeks came in 2008 in Pakistan, time proved that it was incumbent enough not only to swelling investments in the industry but awareness about fashion too. People showed interest in this industry, and all the designers have been able to target and tap the potential market.

Islamabad Fashion Week is definitely going to be an important milestone in the history of fashion industry. This event turned out to be an ideal event where the international buyers could find what Pakistani fashion market could offer. People had an experience of an extravaganza and had an exposure with the guests and people coming from different parts of the world. Along with showcasing the work of fashion designers from Pakistan Islamabad Fashion week will also feature the flavor of some well-known international brands and the designers to add some international crisp to the event.

Considering a fashion week just a glamorous event that is full of models walking ramps, designer cloths, and lot of brands is not correct as it might be the biggest feature of the event but the real soul of such events is to share ideas and get knowledge about what world is looking for and what it has already gained. To hit the international standards Pakistan need more trade events and more events of international standards. Islamabad Fashion Week could prove that show how attractive and well designed stuff Pakistani designers have when it comes to the international level of fashion.

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  1. Things Int media should be looking at,not some terrorist brain malfunctioning taliban running around blowing themselves up. this is exactly what we have to show to tell the outer space that we can live together in peace. amazing work Kamran sani,Tariq amin and everyone involved!

    heres a little you can see of IFW: http://www.Facebook.com/BKhub

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