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Days are numbered for Hosni Mubarak

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Egypt is not going to be same for Hosni Mubarak, 82 and has been ruling the land of the Nile for thirty years. Masses rage and agog shows abhorrence not only for the regime but against the president. It apparently looks that dissolution of the cabinet has mollified violent protesters for sometimes. His vow for modified and reformed democracy and bringing new system will not be able to perpetuate Hosni Mubarak’s desperate wish to cling to the rule and his repeated vow to stay in power in his last speech he delivered.

Public skepticism is high in Egypt inspired by and following in the footsteps of the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia and they want Hosni Mubarak to step down. People will reject the new cabinet whosoever the people are; finding them his collaborators since he would remain in power as president. Analysts believe Hosni Mubarak offered a plate of reforms with spices of negotiations too little and too late. His authoritarianism has given the Egyptian people neither economic opportunities nor a say in governance.

Since January 25, Urban middle class from all walks of life in Egypt have been rallying against a system that gave them unemployment, crippling price hikes, corrupt governance. They are no longer prepared to put up with a dictatorship that is coming in package of political dynasty through anointing Hosni Mubarak’s son as his successor Gamal Mubarak. However his son has fled to London with family avoiding the protests. Egypt is poor country — where 40 percent of the population lives on less than two dollars a day — to have a son of leisure and privilege represent them without their approval was perhaps finally too much to swallow.

Pressure was heaped on him by Mohamed ElBaradei, who said that Hosni Mubarak should step down and set a framework for transition of power as the only way to end unrest.

“The system of Hosni Mubarak has failed to achieve the political, economic and social demands of the Egyptian people and we want to build a new Egypt founded on freedom, democracy and social justice. The main demand is that President Mubarak announces clearly that he will resign, or that he will not run again.”

Mohammad ElBaradei is a possible candidate in Egypt’s presidential election this year however not considered as strong to manage a spontaneous outburst of the people’s angers.

Foreign friends including U.S. a staunch advocate of democracy through out the world; have always aligned with despotic rulers in Arab World who serve their agenda best. According to Daily Times’s January 30,2011 editorial

Pumped up with some $ 2 billion in military and economic aid annually, Mubarak was the US’s trump card to keep the ‘Islamists’ away from power — the Muslim Brotherhood is perceived by the West as Egypt’s biggest Islamist threat — and keep Egypt within the fold of Arab states who have made peace with Israel.

The tone of the foreign friends of Hosni Mubarak including U.S. has been noticed with a tilt towards people’s side in last 24 hours. President Barack Obama’s call would have been disturbing for him while he urged him to fulfill his promises for democracy and asked the crowds to express themselves peacefully, he also told Hosni Mubarak that “violence will not address the grievances of the Egyptian people”. Strangle he didnt talk about the ouster of an unpopular president.

For Egyptians, foreign advice bears no consequence. People`s fury is gaining intensity. So far, some 75 people have been killed and some 1,000 arrested in protests all over Egypt. On Wednesday, when the government saw the situation getting radically out of control, curfew was imposed and gatherings of more than five people were officially banned. The army was ordered in and the police rampaged with tear gas and water cannon. The government has sealed off most internet and media access inside the country.

So far the army has obeyed orders. If the demonstrations continue to spread in intensity, we are not sure how long the army will continue to support what may appear to many as a tottering regime. With the Muslim Brotherhood remaining silent so far, it is yet to be seen what character this impending change will take. But changes in last few hours are indicating Hosni Mubarak’s days are numbered and he should stepped down, setting up grounds for elections in wider interests of Egypt.

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Rubab Saleemhttp://www.rubabsaleem.com
Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times
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  1. […] President Hosni Mubarak’s midnight speech did make fewer concessions but it had no promise for restive Egyptians. He merely addressed old guards and had perhaps forgotten it was not the era of Old Guards but internet literate youth which had united against Old order. Hosni Mubarak though accepted a sensible advise from Washington for ‘Peaceful Orderly Transition”. But under old styled parliamentary system which has been rejected by majority of Egyptians. […]

  2. Agree with Rubab .Hosney Mubarak introduced new methods of torture,interrogation and suppression in world’s oldest civilization the EGYPT.He committed brutal tactics after assassination of Enver Sadat in Egypt.Purged and jailed many Army officer .
    His Intelligence was supported by CIA,MOSSADE and RAW.
    Hosni Mubarak has to go now.Matter of few days.

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