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US demands release of Raymond Davis

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Islamabad: U.S. Embassy in Pakistan has demanded immediate release of Raymnod Davis, a staff member of US consulate. According to the details U.S.Embassy in a press release said that he is being detained unlawfully in police custody. Press release further revealed that Raymond Davis is a diplomat and under Vienna convention he cannot be prosecuted.  Earlier local court in Pakistani city of Lahore had handed over US diplomat to the police for six days of questioning. Further provincial Law Minister has said the police will complete its investigation in two weeks.

According to TV Channels U.S. Embassy said that Raymond Davis opened fire in self-defense thus he is illegally being captive. The embassy maintained that Raymond Davis possessed diplomatic passport and he was, therefore, immune from local laws under Vienna Convention of Diplomatic Relations (1961) to which Pakistan is a signatory. Earlier United States said that it would cooperate fully in investigations in incident where Raymond Davis killed two Pakistani citizens and one was crushed by the car that rushed to rescue him near Qartaba Chowk, Lahore.

Daily Times reported that “The American national told police he shot the two motorcycle riders from his vehicle in self-defence after they pulled a pistol on him in an attempted robbery, police officials said. Further revealed that Davis described himself as a technical adviser with the consulate”.

Rana Sana Ullah has said that Raymond Davis is in police custody and under investigations. He added that on demand culprit can not be handed over. However Pakistan’s Foreign Office is expected to clear its position on said demand. Meanwhile U.S. Embassy spokesman in Islamabad said that they are in contact with Pakistani government over the issue.

Pakistani officials have largely ignored questions over any immunity the American may have, and the U.S. statement Saturday did not address key questions, including exactly what the American’s job is or whether he was legally entitled to carry a gun.  U.S. Embassy spokeswoman Courtney Beale told media that the official was “a member of the administrative and technical staff.” Separately, a senior U.S. official revealed that the man was authorized by the United States to carry a weapon, but that it was “grey area” whether he could do so in Pakistan.

In response to queries from the media about killing of three Pakistanis in Lahore involving a US functionary, the Spokesman of Foreign Office Abdul Basit said that this matter is sub judice in a court of law and the legal process should be respected. The Punjab Police is handling the investigation and its report is awaited. For the above reasons, the Foreign Ministry has no substantive comments to offer.

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Rubab Saleemhttp://www.rubabsaleem.com
Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times
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