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Truth is not what it seems

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Inspired by actual events “Formosa Betrayed” is a movie about an FBI Agent who is assigned to investigate the murder of a respected professor in early 80s. His investigation took him across the Pacific to the island nation of Taiwan, where with the help of the outspoken widow and an unlikely spy, he learns that the Professor’s killing was not a random act, but a desperate move by a scandalous government intent on keeping its nefarious activities under wraps. Detective soon finds himself on a collision course against the U.S. State Department, the Chinese Mafia, and the Nationalist Chinese Government – in a land where the truth is not what it seems and the only people he can trust, cannot be trusted at all.

An American National Raymond Davis working in U.S. consulate, Lahore killed three Pakistani citizens near Qartaba Chowke in self defense. According to police an American traveling in a car shot and killed two armed men on a motorcycle as they tried to rob him. A pedestrian was also killed by a speeding American car trying to rescue American national. U.S. embassy officials confirmed that an American was involved. This incident has reminded me of FBI Agent in “Formosa Betrayed” movie. For those who have not watched movie; this incident has an analogy. FBI agent in movie was found working secretly to uncover the secrets of international importance definitely was against the national security of U.S.

Several speculations started developing just after media broke this news. Anti-American factor, premonition of being prey of militants, or fear, or foreigners are perceived as lucrative target for poor Pakistanis. Robbery is just not one thing that satiate the logic, place is rushy and it is not easy for anyone to burgle foreigners. Further diplomats in Pakistan are subject to strict security guidelines because of the threat of militant violence. Till the detailed reports come; let’s assume U.S. National was engaged in sleuth activities in Pakistan. And secret agencies were monitoring his activities; this is very common that diplomats deployed in different countries are usually monitored covertly.

U.S. national was armed and roaming in streets of Pakistan, his car had wireless equipment through which he alerted his colleagues in car behind. It is pertinent to mention that how and why he was carrying arms and violating the sovereignty of country. This incident besides several other activities has added fuel to fire to the anti-American sentiments of Pakistanis. Regardless of the drone attacks U.S. is conducting within the boundaries of Pakistan or U.S. is allowed to interfere in Pakistan’s economic or political affairs.

If he was tailed secretly, and U.S. national noticed that he was being inspected, why didn’t he informed the embassy for enhanced security. Another assumption can be the information secret agencies gathered by following him could have been disputing in nature and detrimental in straining relationships of two countries. Again from the movie “Formosa Betrayed”, governments and diplomats do not inform agents about the actual reasons for particular assignments.

Incidents of such nature are not common in Pakistan, a common Pakistani not only respects foreigners but always ready to be hospitable with them. However this incident can bear ramifications on certain levels, unless a fabricated story is established to save relationships. Denial Pearl; Wall Street journalist and Polish Engineer who was abducted and killed in militants custody are two cases that can be rate of similar nature. Even if Pakistanis came to abduct him as per other conspiracy theories spinning around, Logic does not satiate; motor bike and rushy area are two factors conform my statement.

U.S.-Pakistan relations are of fluctuating nature. At the time, Pakistan’s relationship with the U.S. was so close and friendly that it was called the United States’ “most-allied ally” in Asia. Sometimes US actions based on their national security and foreign polices particularly after 9/11, notion of being primary ally in War on terror generated a widespread feeling in Pakistan that the United States was not a reliable ally.

Umer Saeed a police officer informed that he is police custody and being investigated. However in end a diplomatic immunity will be given to him and at maximum he would be deported from the country. I was wondering had this been a Pakistani diplomat in U.S. would have done similar actions; media and people of U.S. have nailed him uptill now him. And he would either have been denoted as terrorist or Al Qaeda militant.

I can recall the end of movie; how the US diplomat planned deporting FBI agent from country while he unearthed the international conspiracy and was demanded to take the witness to U.S. The witness was shot on airport and the diplomat was deported.

I am sure those three Pakistanis or all those who died in drone attacks would never be given justice. One more time Pakistan would be deprived of the right of knowing truth. Because in diplomatic relations truth is not what it seems.

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Rubab Saleemhttp://www.rubabsaleem.com
Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times
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  1. Might is right. Never forget that. The world of intelligence and counter intelligence is a very dark place. Nothing is or ever will be what it seems. We just have to, somehow co-exist with this parallel sinister world. But the real shame is that in all of this, three “innocent” people died. Fathers, brothers, husbands, above all providers of three families. We will never find out the truth, not because they don’t know what the truth is, it because they don’t want to, because they are mighty and of course right.

  2. When American drones take off from Pakistan Army bases and kill Pakistanies in North Wazirstan, then it is good for the ruling elite of Pakistan but not when the American diplomat kills robbers or IB personnel following him. Kerry lugar bill provides for $ 15 billion for this only and also for the Pakistanies whom General Musharaff sent to America or Bagram in covert CIA planes

  3. Good story about a strange story, Rubab. Thanks for the insights. With the US purportedly having hundreds if not thousands of assassins/operators on the loose in Pakistan, I wonder how any Pakastani can ever tolerate any American in Pakistan. I am suspicious of the robbery motive.

    • Tommy we respect everyone including Americans.. only few of the elements are having vested interests.. so we welcome everyone in Pakistan with good and positive objectives.. it was really bad for the sovereignty of Pakistan.. it was not robbery

  4. Yeah!! Pakistan once “most-allied ally”

    I liked the way you started the article. What ever happened is unfortunate. Well Pakistan in a dilemma now they have to closely follow the law or risk public wrath. On the other hand they cannot upset the Americans. Secondly if Mr.Davis is a US diplomat, then under Vienna convention he cannot be prosecuted. The US would need to forfeit his diplomatic status. Have to see how differently Pakistan deals with this case and draws a line asking the Americans where not to cross.

    • jayan! he status is not made clear yet in US Consulate; that a diplomatic immunity can be asked for. However his activities have been noticed and tagged under “suspicious” .. I am sure it is a test case for Pakistan and its government.. it has multi-prong implications..

  5. We should not allow “Human Drones” roaming in Pakistani streets. whatever is behind all this, sovereignty of Pakistan should not be violated.

  6. We condemn this act of terrorism by the three terrorists killed by American Diplomat. We apologize American government for not providing better security to American diplomats. We have formed a three member inquiry committee headed by Babar Awan to blame Sharifs for the funding.

    Prime Minister of Pakistan expected address to nation …… wait for that 😀


  7. Hi Rubab:
    A nice and bit serious feature indeed. All said and done, at the end of the day Pakistan is a client State of the US. And, we will do as ordered to.

    We cannot blame “the other party”; it is we and we only who are to blame.

    For years together, we have been taking orders and money from “them”. We lay loud claims of being “sovereign” but the truth is we are not. How can you be when all you do is “take orders” and “charge money” in lieu of
    carrying out the orders.

    The irony is that on this rugged path of “taking orders and taking money” we have traveled too far. There is no going back now.
    So, Pakistan – just sit back and do as you are told to do and fill your coffers with money charged for the same.

    Keep writing Rubab – you write very well!!!!!

  8. The truth will be until the end of “Time” unrevealed in this case, because the so called diplomat belongs to U.S. consulate. It is matter of fact that US deploying secrete service agents under the guise of diplomats for the expansion American imperialistic agenda of warmongering.
    The rulers of the country know the facts, but they can’t expose it because they are the salves of American Imperialism.
    And the advantage of Working in the shadows allows the U.S government to deny its own role in secret bombings, targeted assassinations and economic sabotage in other countries. The CIA is playing a more direct role in U.S. wars than ever before. The U.S. ruling class wants the so-called “war on terror” to be shifted into the shadows.But the time will come “Jo chup rahe gi zubane khanger lahoo pukare ga asteen ka”

  9. […] Since Raymond Davis was arrested on Thursday 25, January 2011 several theories and facts have been lurking around about his name, his official status in U.s. Embassy. He is an American thus quick changes have been witnessed including demand of his immediate release from U.S. embassy and Pakistani Government facing off The U.S. in handing over Raymond Davis. However events leading up to Raymond Davis arrest are wrapped in mystery. […]

  10. I agree with Dr Ali,it is a shame and sin for innocent deaths,and quite understandable why Pakistani population would be upset,as an American,the thing that bothers me the most is the lies,total smile while they do it,lies by our goverment officials.In the American press,the Pakistanis killed are portrayed as criminals/robbers,and stated as such in ALL newspapers/tv. It seems that the facts are that this was an intelligence operation with ISI following Mr Davis. Im sure our FBI or CIA follows diplomats/intelligence officers of other countries all the time,I have never heard of anyone being killed for it?If this is the case,then I think the American public would agree a rouge agent that kills indiscrimetly desearves punishment,I know that I do.I am embarressed when my country takes the attitude that might makes right.Be you Christian/Muslim/Jew/Hindu/Atheist,any with a belief in God,should stand up for justice,fairness,equality,and above all truth.

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