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Power Tariff reduced by Rs.2.67 per Unit during last five months

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ISLAMABAD: The government of Pakistan has taken all the possible steps in power tariff reduction and provided maximum relief of two rupees and sixty seven paisas per unit to the consumers during last five month. A spokesman of the Ministry of Water and Power on Thursday stated that under the monthly fuel price adjustment, 33 paisas per unit were reduce for the month of August, 36 paisas per unit for the month of September and 32 paisas foe the month of October, one rupee & 8 paisas per unit for the month of December, 2010.thus the total reduction during last five month is calculated to Rs. 2.67 per unit which is major reduction.

The reduction in per unit price prices during the last four months (August-November) under the monthly adjustment has already been passed on to the consumers and the relief for the month of December will be given in the forthcoming electricity bills.

Federal Minister for Water and Power, Raja Pervez Ashraf has said that the government has itself bore the burden and not raised power tariff keeping in view the economic difficulties of the consumers and tried its level best to provide relief to the consumers in terms of fuel price adjustments.

The reduction provided under the fuel adjustment has definitely given relief to the common man. He said that all the resources are being utilized to generate cheaper electricity. He said that the government had decided to change its present energy mix to enhance hydel, wind and coal will be 70% of the total power generation and the steps are being taken in this regard, he added.

Currently this ratio is only 30% of the total generation, Khan Khawar hydro project of 72 MW has started its test generation. He said that 195 MW liberty power project has started generation last week and about 800 MW more will be added in the system within three to four months. The work on 969 MW Neelam Jhelum hydro-power project, Jinnah hydro project and Allai Khawar hydro project in progress on fast track basis.

Diamer Basha Dam of 4500MW and Kohala hydro project of 1100MW will start soon. He said that wind and coal projects are also being giving priority. He said that the government will fulfill its commitment of uninterrupted and cheaper power supply to the people of Pakistan.-ONLINE

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