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Woman survives 23-story fall


BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA: An Argentine woman survived after jumping from the 23rd floor of a hotel on Monday, landing on a taxi moments after the driver dashed to safety. The 33-year-old woman was being treated in the intensive care ward of a Buenos Aires hospital and medical staff said she was in a serious condition after the apparent suicide attempt.

Taxi driver Miguel Cajal, 39, said he got out of his parked taxi and ran for cover when he spotted the woman falling from the upper floors of the Panamericano hotel in downtown Buenos Aires. Cajal’s vehicle was left mangled with a crushed in roof and windshield from the impact and he told local television that he would have been killed had he not seen the woman falling and escaped in time.

Family members waited for news on the woman outside the hospital’s emergency room. A spokes person for the Panamericano hotel said the woman, whose name had not been made available, was neither a guest nor employee of the downtown hotel.-Reuters



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