Unpopular government seeking fame by publishing fake columns

Islamabad: Uneasy over rising unpopularity of the present corrupt government in Pakistan, the media team of President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yusaf Raza Gilani has started publication of fake columns in many English and Urdu papers. News papers in regional languages with wide publication are no exception. A team of experts has been assigned the task which is being fulfilled successfully. The publication of fake columns have also been deemed as a source of bad name on part of the government as well as reputed columnists.

Many leading columnists have reported that they have never written columns that appear in papers with their name, picture and logo etc. Editors and in the newspapers would only say sorry when columnists ask them for a clarification. They say it was an error which is highly regretted.

They have requested not to publish their names as it will hurt their credibility and their genuine writings would become suspicious in the eyes of masses as well as publication houses. Columnists say that all the governments use to bribe columnists to write in their favor. This practice continues since decades with no difference in the political or military governments.

The same practice continues with additional vigor but the new practice has raised many questions as well as concerns among the journalist community of Pakistan. The campaign is financed by the president house, insiders told this scribe.

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