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Not only Government, the individuals too are responsible

A society is like an organization where different people perform various functions for the sustenance and upward growth. Poor performance of workers or management can lead company to the verge of destruction. Similarly a society comprises of people belonging to different schools of thought and professions, hailing from various ethnic origins and diverse cultures; play their individualistic role for better functioning of the state. Thus people act like wheels for running affairs of the state. Every single person has key importance in this regard.

A society erodes when human fabric gets polluted with social ills; being witnessed today in Pakistan. State organs and People are equally responsible for keeping the country or state on track of progress. However people have developed a habit of transferring every burden on the shoulders of state before carrying out our own responsibilities, that are display of a particular mindset. Primary layer of the society provides the cushion by functioning in order; a pre-requisite for successful management of the affairs of all organs of the State. The output of secondary and tertiary layers of the society rests on the input of the primary layer. The first and primary layer that is the common public, is vitally responsible to influence the social fabrics of all the three layers.

Every single unit of this primary layer encapsulates the future of country. Unfortunately all units of this pivotal primary layer have deteriorated. Innumerable examples in daily life can be quoted in this regard. A transporter exploits commuters; a milkman dilutes product by unfair means while a clerk on the desk is not less than a tyrant. All these small ills, pile up in a great heap of social crime commonly known as corruption likewise other social evils but the government is accused for its incapability and inefficiency. We grind down the society and then absolve ourselves of responsibilities by resting all liabilities on the State.

I am not of the opinion that State does not hold any responsibility. Indeed the State is supposed to lead the nation in right direction and chalk out strategies for the prosperity and progress. However, nature of the planning governments has to offer; depends upon what primary and secondary layer produces as input. If input is corruption, crime and nepotism, the output cannot be a corrupt-free, crime-free and nepotism-free. Before accusing the State for its inability to function smoothly, we must peep within ourselves. Everyone among us is accountable. Until and unless we offer ourselves for accountability we cannot expect the State to perform its duties diligently.

We make a big fuss on the corruption of government, regardless of the fact that government is simply the upper most layer of the society. Slogans should not be chanted against the State, while stuffing our own pockets with bundles of currency. It is not right to complain about the inefficiency of the government while roaming around aimlessly in markets and waste precious office hours in cafés and elsewhere.

Certainly what one reaps is what one sows. Not the government but people are responsible for this severe social decline and deterioration. People make the State and are responsible for its functioning or malfunctioning. Since 1947, Pakistan did not witness an ideal peaceful and progressive society, Why? Because people make governments and until we do not understand obligations it is impossible to build up a social society with an ideal setup.


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