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Blogging, Micro-Blogging and social networking sites are more popular

Concept of Blogging, Micro-Blogging & Social network websites is not new to internet however there are a percentage of internet users who know Facebook but are not familiar with the concept or how to use for benefits. Virtual world had actually transformed the world into virtual global village.

Social Networking sites and Micro-bloggings sites are new spheres of meeting people online, making friends, gathering around like minded people, gather for a cause, working to convince people about what happens around them, spreading awareness with thousands more arenas off-shooting out of these.

The question arose in my mind was that how one use it to make benefit to own & society instead to using it just for fun or something other. The answer i came up with was more simpler in nature: One ought to settle a purpose in mind before start using these social networking sites, Micro-Blogging and blogging.

The interesting thing of Blogging, Micro-blogging & Social networking sites is easy of the use, free of cost, a lot of features & applications. It is always possible to stay in touch either by p.c./laptop or internet-enabled mobile phone from anywhere.

Another thing is to power of reaching people easily, within no-time & no-limits or geographical boundaries . Now celebrities, leaders, organizations are using this new method of communication even the big names of Media World are using Social networking sites or Blogs/Micro-blogs to reach the billions of people in the world.

People use these for monetary purposes, causes, for socialization, for information & much more. For me this is basically a new world and hiding more that what a naked eye can see. I feel Blogging, Micro-Blogging & Use social networking sites has revolutionized the Telecommunication and Internet and these two have become fastest growing industries across the world. For wider purposes it is important to ponder upon ” how we use this powerful media for bringing betterment in societies”.

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