System is pushing social inequality to explosive proportions

Islamabad: The Pakistan Society Watch (PSW) on Friday said social divide is growing rapidly in Pakistan which is a dangerous development. Increasing numbers of people are plagued by insecurity, poverty and unemployment in country, it said.

The level of poverty has increased many folds in country; it is concentrated everywhere except for few urban centres where polarization of income is not acute, said Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President PSW. Real income continue to fall for the poor and increase for the rich due to some dubious policies, said Dr. Murtaza Mughal.

Rising food prices and increasing number of people employed against insecure and low-paid jobs has made living barely possible for majority, he said. The duration of unemployment among unwaged is longer than any period in the history of the country.

Education is getting more dependent on the social and economic background of a student minimizing chances of growth for unfortunate, said Dr. Murtaza Mughal. He said that the system is pushing social inequality to worrying levels while widening social gulf has reached explosive proportions.

Policies need a revisit otherwise millions more will be put to disadvantage that can help country enter an era of unprecedented economic and political turmoil, said Dr. Mughal. Rising inflation has led authorities to lift interest rates frequently which can cause collapse of many business at a time when investment has become a hope, he warned.

Once there were 22 families that controlled approximately 70% of national wealth; today we have around 115 families that may be controlling more or less 85% of national output, he said. It is now widely believed that the ruling class is seeking to make the working class pay for their mistakes and the prevailing situation is a test of the Government’s resolve with the people, he said. Pakistan Society Watch

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