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Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

Sign and symptoms of pancreatic cancer
The early detection of pancreatic is difficult, because the symptom often do not appear until the disease is in advance stage. When pancreatic cancer symptoms do appear, they can be vogue and non-specific, such as stomach pain and weight loss.

Pancreatic cancer symptoms can vary based on what part of the pancreas is affected. The pancreas lies behind the stomach and in front of the spine. It cannot be felt during a physical exam and is located behind other organs like the stomach, lever, spleen, gallbladder and small intestine.


In the early stage, pancreatic cancer trends to be silent and painless as it grows. By the time it’s large enough to cause symptoms; cancer has generally grown outside the pancreas. At this point, symptoms depend on the cancers locator within the pancreas.

1. Pancreatic cancer in the head of the pancreas tends to cause symptoms such as weight loss jaundice (yellow skin) and fat in the stool, with or without abdominal pain.

2. Pancreatic cancer in the body or tail causes belly pain and weight loss.

Most common pancreatic cancer symptoms

1. Yellowing of the skin and eyes: Jaundice, a condition: marked by the yellowing of the skin and eyes commonly occurs in people pancreatic cancer. It occurs when in increased level of bilirubin is in the blood. This can occur when a tumor completely or partially blocks bile ducts , slowing the flow of bile

2. Abdominal pain (upper abdomen and even to the back): abdominal pain is common symptom of pancreatic cancer. It usually occurs on the upper abdomen and may even radiate to the back. Abdominal pain may worsen when lying down or 3 to 4 hours after eating

3. Unintended weight loss; losing weight indicate something is wrong. Unintended weight loss is a common symptom of pancreatic cancer and is usually one of the first symptoms experienced along with abdominal pain.

4. Nausea/vomiting : Again , another vague symptoms of pancreatic cancer

5. Loss of appetite : it can signal some thing serve or even be related to some thing as small as a stomach virus , medical tests are necessary to make an accurate diagnoses

6. Itchy skin: itchy skin is a less common symptom of pancreatic cancer. Again, a vague symptom, but when coupled with another symptom like abdominal pain or jaundice, it can be significant in making more accurate, timely diagnoses. Unfortunately when someone with undiagnosed pancreatic cancer experiencing itchy skin it is miss diagnose.

7. Unexpected on set of diabetes in some cases cancer may impede the pancreas ability to produce insulin

8. Change in stool and urine color

9. Fat in stool: As pancreatic cancer reduces the pancreas ability to secret fat-digesting enzymes, more fattens up in the stool these fatty stools can be strange, smelling and float more than normal.

Pancreatic cancer is a rare disease but those who suffer from a genetic syndrome that increase, their risk of developing the disease go for annual screenings and other medically relevant check ups.

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