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Muslims are Scapegoats for RSS Preachers

Amberpet, Hyderabad, A.P. India: Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee, India has demanded unconditional apology from the Government of India to the whole Muslim community for ignoring Muslims rights within the country and particularly to the people who became the target of RSS and police terror. In a press conference held at Amberpet, Hyderabad Monday, General Secretary Lateef Muhammad Khan Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee demanded withdrawal of all the cases registered against the innocent people; specially the Andhrapradesh government to apologize the Muslim youth in written form. Dr. Rafat Seema, Ms. Kaneez Fathima, S.Q.Masood, A.Srinivas, M.Mandakini, Adv., Dr.Ibrahim Ali Junaid were also present at the conference.

Press released issued said that:

We believe that Swamy Aseemanand’s confessional statement is curtailed and it seems that there is something fishy about that statement. There is no mention of logistical local support at Hyderabad in his statement. In fact he is taking the advantage of innocent youth, to hide the real facts as well as real culprits who supported the Swamy in his tasks at Hyderabad. This is again a big conspiracy and this has to be understood by keeping in mind all the angles

Mr. Lateef further the government of Andhrapradesh is cheating the whole Muslim community by saying that it is ready to apologize to Muslims if it was established that innocent youth of the community were deliberately harassed by the police in the aftermath of blast in Makkah Masjid in 2007. He cleared the fact that the AP government had not apologized Muslims, but were pretending to do so and misguiding the people, even after knowing the established facts that the real culprits i.e. RSS Pracharaks had been exposed for carrying out the blasts across the country.

He further told the media that a suit was filed in City Civil Court to claim the damages for the victims of police torture. Explanation from the government of APregarding why government appointed the pleader to defend the accused police officers involved in the illegal detention, torture, arrest and implicating false cases was one clear demand came from Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee. He elaborated If government was sincere towards Muslim community it would not have done this shameful act of protecting the accused police officers.

By keeping in mind the above questions, one can say that the role of Hyderabad police is highly suspicious in the Makkah Masjid blast, after the blasts and in the investigation of the blast. By taking the advantage of the blast, the Hyderabad police picked up hundreds and Hundreds of youth, by violating all the rules and norms of law, illegally detained, tortured in inhuman manner and forced them to take the responsibility of the blasts and also offered lakhs of rupees and lured them.

Hyderabad police tortured the youth by giving the reference as to why they were demanding the CBI inquiry into Sohrabuddin’s fake encounter and Makkah Masjid blast; here the doubts arises in the minds that whether there is any connection of the above two incidents because when the blast occurred, Sohrabuddin’s matter was discussed on high scale and the role of Hyderabad police in it was being questioned. Many police officers were under suspicion. Even Hyderabad police is not cooperating CBI to conduct appropriate investigations till date. After the blast the whole concentration was diverted towards this incident and the Sohrabuddin’s matter was setback. It was also revealed that youth was said beaten more severely asking not to mention RSS.

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee further exposed the character of RSS in Hyderabad blast and told media that several other blasts such as Nanded, Jalna, Parbhani, Bhopal, Malegaon, Samjhauta Express, Ajmer, Modasa, Margoa (Goa), and Delhi were carried out on same footings. Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee demanded serenity from the Government of India about realizing the real terrorists and anti-nationals.

Committee pointed out that It was the high time for the government of India to rebuild the confidence of Muslims on the secular and democratic basis, for Muslim community had been victimized by Bomb terror, Mob terror, State terror and RSS terror. Furthermore Muslim community had lost everything resisting these terrors, they not only became the target of the blasts, lost lives in the blasts, but blamed for blasts and also arrested for these blasts and are still languishing in the jails across the country. Committee called it a greater RSS conspiracy against the Muslims to defame, morally suppress and socially isolate them. Committee indicated that destroying Muslims dignity and snatching right of living is worst form of human rights violation.

One thing Committee asked from the Prime Minister of India was, why the Indian government and their state governments were hesitating to mention apology for the wrong doing of the government and their agencies. Due to this Muslims are still suffering for the mistakes unknown to them and done by RSS. When the government of Australia can apologize to the Indian citizen Dr. Haneef for detaining him in false charges, they have even compensated him with the job and billions of dollars to protect their country’s democratic dignity in the world, then why cant the Indian government which is said to be the largest democratic country in the world, apologize and offer damage compensation to its own citizens, when it has been proved that they are innocents. It is the failure of the republic India to protect the idea of India.

In the end Committee presented a list of demands including Compensation for the victims of police torture by paying them rupees twenty lakh per head for the damages.
>> Rehabilitation of the victims of khaki terror.
>> Re-investigation of all the bomb blasts cases from the beginning through CBI.
>> Also the role of Hyderabad police officers should be investigated by CBI because there is nexus between Hyderabad police and RSS pracharaks, and also with other states police.
>> Issue the G.Os for the withdrawal of false cases against the youth i.e. FIR No. 198/2007 of Ramgopalpet PS, 75/2007 of CCS, and 100/2007 of CCS and the cases registered since 2004.
>> Withdraw the government pleader in City Civil Court against the suit filed for compensation, admit the mistake, pay compensation and punish the accused police officers.
>> Investigate, expose and arrest the RSS pracharaks of Hyderabad involved in providing local logistical support to RSS pracharak Swamy Aseemanand involved in bomb blasts.
>> Register the case against the Hyderabad police officers who falsely implicated the Muslim youth and tortured them inhumanly, and misguided the whole investigation.
>> Bengali speaking Muslims were also targeted after the blasts in Hyderabad city, we demand the government of AP to stop suspecting the other state Muslims living in Hyderabad.
>> Demanding the government of India to end the torture and disappearances and close the torture cells. Dissolve the special investigation teams especially made to target the Muslims.

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Civil Liberties Activist from India,and working for the protection of human rights and civil liberties of all people.I am working to monitor, document, advocate, and educate about civil rights and rights abuses by law enforcement agencies and other Government and non Government agencies In In India

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