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Free video calls in Pakistan Over VoIP

Word “VoIP” is no more unfamiliar for big portion of population in Pakistan but for those who do not know VoIP means Voice over Internet Protocol. Few people also recognize this services as MSIP (Multimedia sessions over internet protocol) or VoBB (Voice over Broadband).

Generally this service is used to make cheap overseas calls. But using Fring (useful application for cellular phones that operates differently for Android ans Symbion) it is easy to make free Video Mobile to Mobile calls. Yes!! Actually Free!!! VoIP has turned the dream into reality of watching friends and family on Phones in and out of Pakistan. The only thing one needs to have is: a smart phone with 3G-camera support and WiFi connection.

Yesterday I tried, free VOIP service with help of Fring using Nokia 5800xp and Nokia E51. The qaulity of sound and picture was equally good as if using local network connection. However with mobile phones without 3G-cameras but WiFi support, only Vice calls are possible.

Why VOIP is advantageous
1. Low cost. With broadband Internet connection (DSL or cable), it is easy to make PC-to-PC phone calls anywhere in the world for free.

2. Portability. Another excellent feature is portability. Calls can be received and made across the world carrying cheap phone service where broadband connection is available simply by signing in to VOIP account.

3. Features. Unlike regular phone services that usually charge extra for additional features and services, VOIP comes with a host of advanced communication features.

1. VOIP does not operate in power outages. During a blackouts regular phone services remain functional by the current supplied through the phone line.

2. Emergency 911 calls. Another major concern with VOIP involves emergency calls made. Traditional phone equipments can trace caller’s location. Thus emergency calls are diverted to the nearest call centers where operator can see location in case caller can’t talk.

3. Quality and Reliability. VOIP relies on Internet connection thus VOIP service is expected to be affected by the quality and reliability of broadband Internet Service and sometimes by the limitations of PC.

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