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Criticisms in Critical Situations-Right or Wrong?

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A cliched but effective story of a painter~ Painter who painted a beautiful picture after putting a lot of effort and hanged it in public place with a caption saying “please mark out the mistakes”. The next day he was dismayed at finding his painting marked with several lines. Being perturbed by the people’s response, he discussed the entire incident with his wise friend, who suggested him to place the same picture with modified caption that was ”please correct the mistakes”. The next day painter was ecstatic to find picture unchanged.

The said story showcases common man’s psychology revealing that it is easy to criticize and blame others but difficult for coming up with solutions. True edifice of our society engaged in criticizing even constructive steps of others.

Today, the spearheads of Pakistan hailing from media, political class or civil society spitting venom against the current political setup, more distinct against the President of Pakistan. It looks that a conservative society can not accept a former prisoner at the helm of affairs, no matter how much political acumen he or she has. Thus recent campaign by the elite class belonging to a specific state of mind, is heavily tainted with bias. Without delving for the impetus of prejudices or more appropriately hatred i would rather focus on the fuss created by these spearhead’s actions.

Pakistan is a developing country, going through critical times of its history. Such situations calls for additional responsibilities thus society is expected to nudge county on the way to progress while criticism for the sake of criticizing could further push Pakistan into quagmire of problems. Pakistanis as nation needs to learn,  needs to realize and  needs to stop negating positive steps waged by the government of Pakistan. A specific segment of society has recently displayed negative attitude regarding the recent visit of President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari to USA. Anchorpersons, columnists and T.V channels vehemently opened fire towards the President. They tried to prove this visit futile that could have been proved fruitful for Pakistan.

I do not have any doubts that President Zardari embarked upon trip to US in larger interests of Pakistan and not for his own personal gains. The statement issued by the White House substantiates said claim. I am surprised over the mentality developed among segments of society that he does not aware of the problems of Pakistan; wonder If a common man is worried about the sensitive issues of the country, how president of country cannot be?

In his meeting with the US president Barak Obama, Mr. Zardari neither discussed prolonging of his rule as president nor did he demanded for personal interests. The things that came under discussion related to Pakistan and its people. He had no personal interests while discussing struggle against terrorism and solutions for a stable Pakistan. The statement says that the Presidents of U.S. and Pakistan specifically focused on the importance of cooperating towards achieving a peaceful and stable outcome in Afghanistan. Under these circumstances I cannot but underscore the criticism against him.

The same hatred against the Mr. Hussain Haqqani Pakistani envoy to USA, who believes in promoting the national interests not as his job incumbencies but for nationalism force him to protect the Pakistan against the powerful Indian and Zionist lobbyists. he has been successful in presenting the case of Pakistan.

Example given depicts a common mentality.  Both Government and the President are being grilled for wrong reasons. It has become  routine of our media and spearheads to malign the images of our national leaders for their faults; without realising they hold important roles of looking after country and to push it on the way to progress by defying the extremist forces who have waged all energies to besiege entire nation, for they are rebels, faithless, having no parallel.

Our hatred is personal, our dislikes are based on our own choices and our criticism is based on blind following. We need to grow. Whatever we are doing would further disintegrate the nation and the country while increasing our difficulties in resolving our pressing issues. We are one nation and we must think and behave like one entity.

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