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Easy and Worthless Victims

Flip the channel and get the news that certain number of people died in an attack, suicidal attack, or any other form of mass killing. It might have become a part of our habit and attitude. Maybe that is the reason that we keep silent on such massively sad incidents. We remain silent because that someone who dies in any barbaric incident is not particularly known to us. Alas, the human life has become worthless to us all. We do not care about it anymore. Be it political game of MQM or the assassination of Governor of Punjab, since a few days there have been so many causalities in our political and social front which caught attention of many.

There were many issues and all of them got the attention from our side, good or bad that is a separate debate, but still the problem is the same for us. I said that before and I say it again that “preferences” are our national issue; a problem that has made each and every one of us fall prey of it.

I was talking about human life that how worthless and unimportant it has become, especially here in Pakistan and even especially if the one who is dying is a no buddy of ours. Death of one is the death of all that is a simple fact that I follow always and that is why I am in a state that is a combination of confusion, anger and gloom.

For last one day, almost, massive target killing is being practiced in Karachi. Almost every hour at least one person is being victimized by this blind game. Some famous people died there and many unknown people have also been victimized. This is not for the first time that its happening and again we are silent and still it is not for the first time. After a recent incident, it has been said that civil society and all have woken up and gathered at different places for a cause and showed their grief. That was a good act, somehow, and I am not criticizing it but where are all those people who were considered to be woken up last week. Why they are silent today and where are they gathering for the protest? The protests and stuff only comes up when the person died is a famous one, known to us, our relative or somebody to whose ideas and philosophies we agree to.

I know that celebrities and popular people die for the cause or the ideologies that they follow and become legends but what about that common people who never get time to achieve some ideology or cause because of twists and turns of life. A common man dies in the war or the rivalry of some big names, and we remain silent because he was nothing to us being a worthless human life. Death of one is the death of all… Think again.

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Rai M Azlan

Rai Muhammad Azlan is blogger and a potential Entrepreneur. He calls himself an "Icon in the Making". He is currently studying Marketing from University of the West of England. He is a proud Pakistani.
His love for books, old buildings and sports forced him to express views over how world is shaping around him.

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