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Drama Series on True Stories of Brave Pakistanis Launched by ISPR & CRS

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Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) and Communications Research Strategies (CRS) have jointly launched an 11-part drama series based on the true stories of brave Pakistanis who exhibited exemplary resilience during recent insurgency in Swat. The series named ‘Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay’ was launched with complete fan fair in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore in elaborate events where its theme song and promos were shared with the media.

Speaker Sind Provincial Assembly Nisar Mohammad Khoro, Federal Minister for Information Qamar Zaman Kaira and Federal Minister for Interior Rehman Malik were the chief guests at the ceremonies at Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore respectively that were also attended by the the Director General ISPR, Maj. General Athar Abbas and CRS senior management.The launch events were attended by media, social elite and celebrities. During the events the audience will be briefed about the project, the dimension of the issue it has covered and the heroes the glorious tribute is being paid to.

The drama series is televised by PTV Home on every Friday at 7:40 pm from January 14, 2011.

The drama series “Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay,” is aimed at depicting the courage of Pakistani people and armed forces that they exhibited during the operation against terrorists and militants in Mingora region. The drama series is an epic journey in the lives of common people, jawans and officers of Pakistan Army who despite all odds stood by their conviction and showed firm resolve to weed out terrorism and rendered invaluable sacrifices in the line of duty.

The series will unveil the real face of terrorists and militants that have been exploiting the downtrodden in the name of religion. The series exhibits the level of price that Pakistan is paying for global peace as the immediate victims of suicide attacks are common Pakistani people and the people fearlessly fighting these terrorists and sacrificing their lives are Pakistani soldiers. It also highlights the value of public support when any armed force has to fight insurgency.

Rich on emotions, actions, sacrifice, valour and patriotism, the drama series contains certain scenes which have never appeared on TV screens in Pakistan. Through the poignant tales of gallant heroes of Pakistan Army who refused to yield in the face of terror and terrorists who held hostage the peace of the country, the drama series reinforces the true message of peace and forbearance; it also gives enough stimulus to pull people out of despondency and shows light on the other end of the tunnel and motivates them to stand by their security forces. The series has been written by a team of seasoned writers and has been filmed by a group of select directors.

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