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Senator Sardar Latif Khosa is expected to be new Governor Punjab

Former Attorney-General Senator Sardar Latif Khosa is being made new Governor of Punjab. Notification is yet to be issued in this regard soon. Sources told Pakistan Times that this decision was made after day-long discussion between President and Prime Minister and senior party leaders at Bilawal House to finalize the name for the challenging post in the country’s largest province. The office of the Punjab governor fell vacant after Governor Salman Taseer was gunned down by his own security guard in Islamabad on Tuesday.

He has been known for being a close ally of president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari. Furthermore he has been Prime Minister’s advisor on IT. His profile has been interesting as he resigned from the office of Attorney-General and as Prime Minister’s advisor on IT. He has represented Federal Government in NRO review case before Supreme Court after his resignation from office of Attorney-General. Furthermore a new lawyer would be appointed to represent NRO cases.

It was expected that a strong person would be selected from PPP to represent Federation in Punjab as constitutional head. Because Punjab is considered a stronghold of PPP’s arch-rival PML-N and appointment of Salmaan Taseer’s replacement is certainly a tough test for the President.There is no doubt that the PPP, which has been struggling to gain footing in Punjab, has got a severe blow after Salman Taseer’s murder. Thus Latif Khosa is expected to work on similar lines, Salman Taseer had been doing in respect of giving strength to PPP in Punjab. Current People’s Party government expect him to be mouth organ of PPP in Punjab. Furthermore he is expected to be vocal for keeping alive Pakistan People’s Party in Punjab, whereas coalition government with PML(N) in Punjab has been going to dogs. As the PML-N chief had announced that the provincial government would say goodbye to the PPP in the province on Monday.

But there was one source of worry for Latif Khosa; Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani had some reservations over his nomination, sources in PPP told It is pertinent to note how PML-N will respond to his appointment.

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  • What is the good reason of appointing Secretary IT, Joint Secretary IT admin and Joint Secretary Development all Rtd army (Signal group) men. All of them were together in the army. It is a shame for the nation of Pakistan that they have no civilian for IT Ministry after destroying every department and Organization these retired army Col and Gen are now given the charge to destroy the IT Sector. What is their contribution for IT. The executive directors snacked by the Minister were the most corrupt and non IT & Telecom professiliceyonals.

    The honorable Secretary IT Rtd Col Najibullah Malik is the son in law ofen Mujeeb ur Rehaman ex Secretary Information in Zia regime . He has served in Punjab Government and has brought bad name to the Government. He has provided services in Religious Affair (Hajjis quota) where everyone is aware of his great achievements for Hajji quota.

    There are only baseless roamers against the IT Advisor. What corruption he has done in four months, he is only trying to utilized the IT for the public services. The Minister Incharge is accused of having thoughts of placing his relative on a CEO post. Did he sack 4 Executives to get one post for his kin. He is removed from the charge on the basis that Secretary IT thinks he will do this and that what is on ground. People are accusing that he will do but have committed no crime so far in IT Ministry.

    Why the Ministry is so afraid of him, what they are hiding? We all know the progress and accusations on other Ministers. Does he has fake degree? Why the kind PM has taken action after knowing that he “might” do something wrong? What is the achievement of Ministry of IT and what is their contribution in last two years?

    We all know that IT has no share in providing services to the Citizens, the projects were to favour the big IT companies which all failed and no services for the Citizen. Do Retd Col Secretary IT would like to tell the Nation what is his achievement in the last two years in the Ministry of IT. He is not answerable to any of you. After his retirement he is enjoying full benefits of a Secretary and what is his qualification.

    Under his kingdom the IT Professionals are working as slaves. Do they have IT Cadre, job security, medical facilities or any reason to work for IT. Why should Secretary IT care, he is enjoying every facility after his retirement from army this country is for army and bureaucracy to suck the blood out of the veins of bloody civilian.

    PM should reconsider his decision and give some time to the Mr. Latif Khosa, let him do some cleanup.

    Ministry of IT should inform the nation what is their achievements in last two years.

    The IT professionals request the honorable PM to reinstate Mr. Khosa as Minister Incharge IT. My questions to the Secretary IT are:

    Universal Service Fund Company
    1. Why major chunk of subsidized projects was awarded to those companies who had their representation on the board of the USF Company e.g. PTCL and Telenor. PTCL got projects over 7.7 billion, whereas, they never paid a single rupee, as they were required to commission 83,000 lines in rural sector in-lieu of 1.5% of specified contribution by every licensee.
    2. Why CEO USF Mr. Perviaz was appointed without applying for the job and is still holding the position after expiry of his contract and has awarded 20 Billion Rs contracts.
    3. Why CEO of ICT R & D Fund Company awarded 33 out of 37 project without the consent of board and non of its project have any outcome.
    4. Why the hiring in the ICT & D is through the private sector, the employees were siding with their favorites for positions.
    5. Why the brother of Member Telecom is in USF and his wife in PTA.
    6. Why Member IT is on his position for last 10 years and so far failed to give a IT policy and define cadre for IT Professionals and still holds the position. Is there no one suitable for this position in Pakistan in last ten years?