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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Injustice is Injustice

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I am in a different place but still there are many things that have not changed. However, I have to accept that there are many positive things I have experienced and seen here that impressed me. I still love my own country as much as I used to before coming here. Nevertheless, there are many things that I want to see in my country as well, security and freedom to live life is one of them. Since yesterday, I am feeling for this more than ever before. The reason for this is the news that is in media and especially in social media for last one day almost. A girl been victim of gang rape and this might not be the first time that such event took place. The worst thing on this issue is the attitude of the people in power. The statement of Sharmila Farooqi (Advisor to the CM Sindh) was more disturbing who was playing on speculations. A rape is rape, and injustice is injustice it comes first and all factors (if any) they come later on.

What happened is totally injustice but the act and attitude of people like Sharmila Farooqi is more disappointing. If authorities have such attitude then how can people have the sense of being secure? We have a strange attitude sometimes or I guess most of the times we tend to dig up some unclear and ambiguous realities rather then working on the current facts. That is what I best say about the statement of Miss. Farooqi that she gave to the media yesterday.

I have a belief that what you are supposed to do is half done when you have pure intention towards doing it and that is something I am always unable to find in the actions of some of the officials. The statement of Miss. Farooqi is one of the examples that I can give. I agree with the pints fellow Blogger Sana Saleem made in her Open Letter to Sharmila Farooqi. Media reporting was unethical; no doubt about it, and the statement of Miss Farooqi was irresponsible.

Later on another news came that the victim is being pressurized to withdraw the FIR. In addition, as per the best of my information she has withdrawn the case. I do not know how complicated this case is but to me the situation is almost the same in every case of this kind. As I said, earlier that injustice is injustice no matter how you try to cover or hide it will remain as injustice.

The torture one poor soul undergo during such incident is un-imaginable, its physical, mental and then another torture is on your way and that is social. The criminal remains innocent in the eyes of society because of the social and political veil they have and the victim becomes the sole delinquent. The remaining space is covered by the immaturity of media, which as always in the quest of sensation keeps creating the harm such as violating the right of privacy even in such cases. I guess we all need to learn the lesson of morality again because whenever I get to know about such cases my belief about the fact that the society has almost turned into an animal kingdom becomes more firm.

Courtesy: My Land Pakistan

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Rai M Azlanhttp://RaiAzlan.wordpress.com
Rai M. Azlan is an award-nominated blogger and published author. He is a Digital media, marketing, and communication professional. He holds an MSC marketing degree from the University of the West of England, Bristol. His love for books, old buildings, and sports forced him to express views over how the world is shaping around him. He tweets at twitter.com/Mussanaf and can be followed on Instagram at instagram.com/rai_azlan.
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