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Politicians should stop playing Muslims Sentiments

Hyderabad, India: Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee has observed that, from the past few days a rumour is spread through newspapers and few individuals that Chief Minister Mr. Kiran Reddy has apologized with the Muslims on the illegal detention, arrest, torture, implication in false cases and ruining the lives of Muslim youth after the Makkah Masjid blast. Civil Liberties want to make it clear to the people that Chief Minister has not said anything that can be considered as apologetic. Instead, a drama was performed in the assembly in which salt was sprinkled on the wounds of Muslims and politics played on the name of youth who underwent torture.

Once again Muslims have been betrayed by making confusing statements and the unwise Muslim politicians who were present in the Assembly are satisfied with these kinds of statement. Because of this jumbling of words they feel that they have safely escaped from their responsibilities and started thanking Chief Minister and Speaker. Everyone is stun as to why a thanks giving was going on to Chief Minister, wherein nothing exclusive statement was given by him. The victim youth are wondering as to why and for what is Chief Minister being thanked again and again.

Civil Liberties want to remind people that in the year 2008 November, itself Mr. Md. Ali Shabbir on behalf of government had used the same words and announced compensation plan and rehabilitation as well. However, this plan is waiting to be implemented. The present Chief Minister has done the same and nothing is new in his statement. He has just twisted the earlier statement and if analyzed properly, one can understand that he has not admitted the facts of illegal detention, torture, torture cells and implication in fake cases. On the other hand, on the representation and fact-finding report of Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee, the National Commission for Minorities had visited Hyderabad and presented the report on the atrocities in 2008 to the state government. In it, the Commission had clearly stated that Muslims were targeted on the name of investigation and the government should take immediate measures to correct their mistakes. But the government is still silent on this matter.

On the other side, Muslim politicians never spoke on the illegal detention and arrest of Muslim youth immediately after the Makkah Masjid blast. They stitched their lips together and remained dumb. We strongly believe that, both the government and Muslim politicians should apologize the Muslim youth, because they remained mum during that time which is a criminal silence. Apart from remaining silence, they issued defensive and confusing statements, because of this attitude of theirs’ police tortured youth by giving this reference.

Civil Liberties believe that ‘apology’ is an act in which one admits their mistake with an open heart and submit their concern unconditional. Whatever Chief Minister of A.P. has said in Assembly cannot be named as apology but it may be called as a dirty joke. Due to this, the affected Muslim youth sentiments again have been hurt severely. Their wounds have again turned blue.

Therefore, Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee demands the government to stop playing with the emotions of Muslims. If at all the government is serious, it should plead apology concretely. Each one should be paid rupees twenty lakh of compensation. Government should punish the police officers who implicated Muslim youth in false cases and tortured inhumanly. A G.O. should be released for the withdrawal of false cases against the youth. Government should act immediately on the reports of National Commission of Minorities and State Minorities Commission.

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee

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Lateef Mohammad khan

Civil Liberties Activist from India,and working for the protection of human rights and civil liberties of all people.I am working to monitor, document, advocate, and educate about civil rights and rights abuses by law enforcement agencies and other Government and non Government agencies In In India

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