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Citizens, businesses in Pakistan divided over shortened weekend

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ISLAMABAD: Holidays, whether official, somber or jovial, are a time for families and communities to come together, relax and enjoy free time and to commemorate events. Abolishing the Saturday weekly off by the Pakistani government has put people again on a dull and taxing daily routine.

On the other hand energy saving has been put on halt. Electricity power breakdowns and gas load-shedding are enormous but government has given in to the demands of business community to abolish a two-day weekend in favor of restoring the old Sunday-only weekend.

Waseem Elahi, a banker said here Saturday that two weekly holidays were a blessing for working class and had a substantial overall impact. He said he could find more time to spend with his family because due to his job responsibility and long working hours in bank, he used to go home very late in night. He said that due to long working hours he was severely neglecting his family. Elahi stated that developed nations had adopted two weekly holidays, considering positive approach and benefits.

“The benefits of two weekly holidays are manifold, it saves energy, enhances efficiency, provides proper rest, brings discipline in lives and cost-effective. We should not put our country in a laboratory to test a new trend every day,” he said.

Elahi said these types of decisions should be implemented once for ever. He said that all foreign organizations working in Pakistan, few of government’s own departments were enjoying two weekly holidays but wrapping up this decision was absolutely ridiculous for banks’ employees particularly.

Ahmad Raza, an advocate by profession, says said two weekly holidays were good for overall progress of the country. He said working capacity of working class was improved during that period. He said that the decision was reverted on demands of the business community and it was quite shocking fact that the businessmen were less and irregular payer of taxes as compared to civil servants or employees.

“Business community always cry before the tax officials that the businesses have been ruined due to other reasons but on the other hand they do not spare activity of their weak businesses even for a day,” Raza maintained.

Najmul Saqib, a trader, said the holiday of Saturday was hampering his smooth business activity as he was witnessing more rush on Sundays. He said that he was making extra arrangements to attend the customers at his departmental store due to rush on Sundays. He said that one-day weekly off is better for business community and business activity. “Government servants should also contribute in the national exchequer in a sense of their hard work and extra work,” Saqib said.

Zainab Moazzam, a student, said she had less time to spend with her family. “Earlier I was enjoying two weekly holidays but now only Sunday is off”. She said due to hefty syllabus and books, she felt quite relaxed after two weekly holidays but now again it was difficult to manage studies of six days a week with a number of books.
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