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Friday, June 25, 2021

Pakistani Sufi rock star Salman Ahmad to record album with Peter Gabriel

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NEW YORK: One book, several solo songs, and a whole chunk of his life spent being part of Pakistan’s musical history behind him, one might wonder what Pakistani Sufi rock music star Salman Ahmad will do next. Well, wonder no more, as the next jewel of creativity from Salman Ahmad will be an entire album recorded for Peter Gabriel’s label Real World next year, reports Koolmuzone.

“Last week, we (Salman and his wife Samina) were invited by Peter Gabriel to attend a gathering of artists and social entrepreneurs in New York at the Chelsea towers for his Global Witness charity event with Sheryl Crow,” Salman says.

“Samina and I went primarily to thank Peter for his support of Pakistan but he greeted me with an unexpected bombshell of inspiration! Peter said that he was so touched by my voice and composition of ‘Open Your Eyes’ that he’s offering to record an album with his Real World label next year!”

Salman is of course ecstatic at the offer and reveals that recording his very own album has always been something he’s wanted to do. “God is Great!” he says enthusiastically, “I had been searching for a new musical direction after publishing Rock and Roll Jihad and Gabriel ‘opened my eyes’ to a long cherished dream!” “Peter’s invited me to London in early January to discuss the shape and sound of the new songs,” Salman reveals.

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