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Pakistan Times felicitates Ummah on new Hijra year

Pakistan Times congratulates Muslim ummah on the commencement of new Hijra year (1432). In previous one decade Muslim Ummah has confronted several problems, therefore a renewed resolute to follow Islamic values to resolve our individual and collective problems is the need of hour.

Pakistan Times has decided to celebrate the advent of new year in not traditional manner of defining and setting goals for future, while reviewing past mistakes; but to take strenuous efforts to give practical shape to those pledges in accordance with true Islamic teachings even n individual levels. In this effort Pakistan Times has decided to initiate an Islamic Column to address the concerns of Muslims and non-Muslims. So everyone is welcome to FaceBook and Twitter are open for questions. Experts on panel will try to answer all queries.

Whole Muslim community should stand collectively to fight the problems of terrorism or natural calamities forgetting our individual issues. At this auspicious eve of New Islamic Year; Organization of Islamic Countries is also needed to restructure itself to help and support Muslim Ummah.

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Rubab Saleem

Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times

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