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6th December a Black Day!

On the occasion of 18th anniversary of Babri Masjid demolition, we express our deep concern that Babri Masjid is still denied of justice. The criminals are still roaming freely. All the democratic and secular people of this country were in hope that the court will do justice with this issue. But, the court has given judgment on the basis of faith but not justice. This is a big question mark on the Indian Judiciary! Because of this we do not accept this verdict which is based upon Hindutva faith. It seems that the Hindutva ideology has infiltrated into the Judiciary. With this verdict, Judiciary has agreed with the Hindutva ideology that they do not respect democracy, Indian constitution but only faith. In fact this is a great threat to the secular structure of Indian democracy. Instead of solving the problem, the court has dissolved the issue, which has become even more complicated.

Injustice has been done always to the Muslim community. In 1949, Hindu fundamentalists placed the idols in the Babri Masjid premises, Muslims appealed before the court, but it said ‘Status Quo’ because of which the idols remained there and the Muslims right to pray was denied. Again in 1986, the opening of locks became ‘status Quo’, and the Hindu fundamentalists became more benefited. In 1989, the Shilanyas became ‘Status Quo’, which gave courage to the Hindu fundamentalist to go to any extent. And with this courage they played a heinous crime by demolishing the Babri Masjid in 1992 and even this became ‘Status Quo’. Finally, the recent verdict has come again in favour of Hindutva faith and again the court said ‘status Quo’. This way the Indian Judiciary has always consolidated the strength of Hindutva forces by applying “Status Quo” after each and every incident of violation of rule of law by the Hindu Fundamentalists’. Thus the court’s attitude of ‘status Quo’ is nothing but ‘status Quo’ on justice and the whole criminal justice system has collapsed.

On the occasion of 18th anniversary of Babri Masjid demolition, after the courts verdict we condemn the court verdict given on the basis of majority faith, and we want say Now, this issue is not of Muslims or non-Muslims, rather it has become an issue of Secularism versus Hindutva Fascism; Indian constitution versus Hindutva faith. People are wondering as to how the court has decided that this legendry character is born under the central dome of Babri Masjid! If judgments are given on the basis of faith, then what will happen to the Indian constitution and Indian penal Code?

We strongly believes that Ram Janmabhumi is an imaginary thing but the Babri Masjid and its land is a fact. But the Hindutva fascists’ forces are trying their best to deny this fact. Therefore, this forum wants to remind these forces that the facts will themselves prove what the reality is! Now at this moment, not only Muslims but other millions of people who believe in the secularism want to say unitedly in a single voice the following:

1. construct the Babri Masjid at the same site
2. punish the criminals of Babri Masjid demolition
3. stop the attacks on Minorities, Dalits and Adivasis
4. close the Hindutva terrorist camps
5. provide justice based on Indian constitution.

About the author

Lateef Mohammad khan

Civil Liberties Activist from India,and working for the protection of human rights and civil liberties of all people.I am working to monitor, document, advocate, and educate about civil rights and rights abuses by law enforcement agencies and other Government and non Government agencies In In India


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  • It is a matter of grave concern that a Civil Rights activist, Mr. Lateef Md. Khan was tried to arrest by the police personnel from Amberpet PS on 5th December night at around 11pm at CLMC office located at Amberpet, Hyderabad on the pretext of preventive arrest.Only after Police Commissioner Intervention they moved out.In the period of ten years of our work, we have never faced nor heard this kind of police attitude of threatening and harassing directly by coming at home/office of any activist. Hyderabad police created such an atmosphere by deploying force outside CLMC office and police prevent free movement.Therefore, we request to all consider this matter seriously and condemn it in strong possible words.