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Final Hearing of Musharraf Attack Cases on Dec 7

Islamabad: A three-member bench of the Supreme Court will hear review petition tomorrow (on Dec 7) filed by the defendants charged for attempt on the life of former president General (Retd) Musharraf. The bench will comprise of Chief Justice Pakistan Muhammad Iftikhar Chaudhry, Justice Ramday and Justice Ghulam Rabbani. The attacks were was conducted in December 2003 while the accused were sentenced in 2005 by military courts.

Mr. Mujeebur Rehman will represent the procession while Advocates Iqbal Khan, Hashmat Habib and Col. Ikram will be the defence lawyers.

The accused include twelve prisoners including four former employees of Pakistan Air Force (PAF), that have been condemned. One accused Islamuddin of Defence Service Group has already been hanged in Multan jail without giving him right of appeal. Remaining twelve are awaiting outcome of the review petition.

According to Iqbal Khan Advocate the accused openly talked against policies of Musharraf during their service, refused to vote for him in referendum and voiced against him in the internal ballot of PAF. They also refused maintenance of US drones as well as Nato aircraft on Jacobabad Airbase.

He said that maximum punishment of attempted murder is life sentence. Awarding death sentence to someone for a person (Musharraf) who is still living is injustice.

The lawyer said that legal formalities have not been observed in the process and sections of law imposed on accused are flawed at best.

Relatives of accused said that accused were arrested from different locations while on duty. Top brass decided to set an example of accused was decided in advance as their was widespread unrest against Musharraf’s pro-west polices in all forces. This was a plan to discourage others, please American and boost importance of military dictator.

They recalled that Asif Zardari had termed these attacks an attempt by Musharraf to gain importance while Nawaz has termed it a drams. Amnesty international has criticized summary executions and local human rights organisation had bitterly criticized it.

The accused including Chief Tech Khalid Mehmood, Corporal Tech Nawazish Ali, Sr. Tech Karam Din, Jr. Tech Nasrullah and civilian Mushtaq are in Faisalabad Jail, Junior Tech Adnan and Niaz residents of Swabi are in Haripur Jail. Other accused include Muhammad Ikhlas, Ghulam Sarwar, Niak Arshad Cammando, Zubair and Rashid. Rashid has lost mental balance in captivity.

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