Blasphemy, Prophet of Islam (PBUH) during his presence

When entire world was in the chaos and anarchy. Humanity ended and cruelty took place in the every society. Kings became butchers. It means people left the modesty and sympathy. Instead it bigotry and intolerance had sunk inside societies of the world. If anywhere a pious and prisoner of the conscience person began to eradicate all wrongs of the world. Either he was imprisoned or hung by the state institutions.

Meanwhile, on the land of Saudi Arabia, in the poor family, innocent child, born in the 571. A.D, his name was Muhammad. No body knew that this child came here to eradicate the cruelty of the world. The vast majority of the people of the Arabia had embraced all cruel activities, so much so that women were being burned. However, in that society, there was only this child who was going against brutal activities. He revolted against the gigots of the society. It is not that he began to fight with the people, in fact, he loved them. It means that fraternity, equality, and liberty were only his religion.

When Muhammad announced his prophet hood and he called himself as prophet of Islam. The fact of the matter is that his religion was new for the conservative society. He said that Islam is the religion of peace, security and tolerance. And there is no any concept of bigots and intolerance in the Islam. On the other hand, vast majority of the people became against him and his religion. They began to chide at prophet of Islam (pbuh). The very rich men of the society sent children of the Makkah in order to throw stones at him. The children used to throw big stones at him every day. As some times, he was bleeding and his clothes were full of bloods. In spite of this, he did not safeguard himself and
throwing stones at children.

In this way, there are several anecdotes about his tolerance. As when he was being hurt and people were making plots to kill him. There was no even single person who favored him. But he was praying for the people who were hurting him. He was preaching with tolerance. When he was succeeded to make his huge number of followers. And he was full of protocols through his companions. His companions were forcing to the prophet of Islam to cruse those people who were abusing and doing blasphemy against him. They also requested him to give permission them to fight war against those who were engaged in the blasphemy of the prophet of Islam. In fact, they were unaware from his soft nature. He replied them that he came here for not fighting with people. But he said that he came here to eradicate all the wrongs of the world. And furthermore, he told his companions that he came here to establish the judiciary of justice.

The fact of the matter is that we have forgotten prophet of Islam’s ideology. On the contrary, our society has been sunk in the bigotry and intolerance. The poor Aasia has been blamed to commit blasphemy against the prophet of Islam. In fact, she is innocent but her crime is that she is born as non-Muslim women. Now she and her family have been threatened by society as well as state institutions. The poor Aasia has been awarded with capital punishment by state judiciary which is based on the Zia’s qisas and diyat. It is also truth that she cannot hope fairly verdict from the judiciary.

The thing is that our state institutions must bear in the mind that prophet of Islam always showed mercy and tolerance on the non-Muslim women. There is a famous anecdote; there was old woman who used to throw garbage at him. One day as usual, prophet of Islam was passing through same rote but he did not find that women. After that he asked about her from people, he found that she was ill. And he went to inquire after her health. As here we found that his life is full of mercy and tolerance. There is no question that judiciary of prophet of Islam was based on the justice and he was a greatest arbiter. This is a big lesson for the followers of the prophet of Islam (pbuh).


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Mukhtiar Kapri

Mukhtiar Kapri; young writer with Master Degree in English literature and International Relations. He has been writing on social issues for different websites and magazines. He has vast experience of working with NGO’s focusing on promotion of education, advocacy and governance eradication of poverty and community development. He aspires to bring Renaissance through his words.


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  • Excellent piece. Keep it up. I like the fact that you wish to bring renaisance through your words. Words are mightier than a sword…

  • This is very good article with lots on thought provoking contents. I really appreciate Mr. Kapri,as he is newer in this sector.

  • I always admire your positive approach for Pakistani People. In-fact article give us a big lesson……..

    Zahid Sumbla
    Islamabad, Pakistan.