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Basic Needs being ignored

It is height of corruption that government initiated projects for committing corruption. Poverty unemployment, poor law and order, bad governance of sitting government has brought the country at a crossroad.

Media is playing very important role by highlighting corruption and national issues. The government as well as opposition is not interested in these national issue, the court should form a bench in Supreme Court and high court of special judges to take suo motu notice and action on media report and also punish journalist who publish false story. The judiciary should give clear message to Elite class that nobody is exempted from any accountability or is above the law.

If you remember that public came on the street for restoration of judiciary against the worst dictator Mr. Musharaff and in the process to restore judiciary, many of our brothers lost their life. Because justice is crucial to any society, dictatorship and corruption snatched the basic human rights, country’s security becomes at stake due to bad governess and corruption.

The current situation on Friday remained clumsy when the government kept the apex court waiting for the assurance it required signed by the Prime Minister. It went further distasteful when Attorney General expressed his inability to access the Prime Minister. It seems that certain elements in the presidency have convinced Mr. Zardari to walk down the dangerous path to subjugate judiciary. They advised an impossible and an extensive step against the superior judiciary by withdrawing the executive order of March 16 that had restored the independent judiciary in the country.

In my view, we demand the government to speak directly and honestly to its citizen, not be intimidated by rumors, not constrained by obstacle, improve the condition of working people, the gap between rich and poor should evaporates. The peoples trust in government is to be restored and government gets on with the business of addressing the pressing need of the people. If we fail, we will have only ourselves to blame. It is advice to all public office holders to restore civil dialogue and have consensus within them to bring the country out of this crises.

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