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Writers stress to re-establish a new social order

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad-based writers, intellectuals and poets paid glowing tributes to a great humanist and world-class poet, Shah Abdul Karim ‘ Bulriwaro’, grand father of sufi-philosopher Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, whose annual Urs is being observed in Bulri Sharif’ Tando Muhammad Khan, Sindh province.

A literary gathering arranged under the auspices of Pakistan Intellectual Forum ( PIF), in connection with 399 death anniversary of Shah Abdul Karim Bulwari urged the government to declare “ Bulri Shari” as “ Model Town” and spend “ Nazirana money” ( money paid in devotion) for the development of the town and the area.

Mr. Asadullah Khan Mungrani said: Hazrat Shah Abdul Karim Bulriwaro was a great humanist, universal in his outreach and master of versatility and variety in verse. “This great poet of Indus valley always wanted to explore existence and what it means to be alive. Nothing was beyond Karim’s frontiers” Nisar elucidated.

Prof. Dr Qasim Rind said that like Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, was “extremely popular” with the masses of Sindh and “liberated lives”. Hashim Abro of the PIF said: Sindh has always been a land of great saints and free thinkers who taught nothing but love because love is the being; love was and will always be.

“You are love. You come from love. You are made by love. You cannot cease to love. All these sufi saints and sons of Indus valley have preached and practiced this message” he maintained.

Speaking about the message of Shah Karim, Mr. Abro said: Shah Karim is renowned for his thoughtful insight into human nature and his message is that there are many facts, but only one truth. Facts can be put into words, but not the truth.

“The propagation of truth was his mission in life. Since the society was at its lowest ebb spiritually and he assigned to himself the task of reconstruction, renovation, regeneration and reorientation of society in order to re-establish a new social order based on love, righteousness, truth and justice and we need to follow Shah Karim’s message in letter and spirit for peaceful, prosperous and progressive Pakistan.

Advocate Nisar Ahmed said: Shah Karim represents the agonies of the people, peoples’ poverty, dependency, inhuman exploitation, the unrest of the deprived and denied people of his motherland and their urge for the progress and prosperity”.

In the end, a resolution was passed wherein they urged the government of Pakistan to set up Shah Karim Research Foundation and get his works particularly, “ Shah Karim Jo Risalo” translated in different Pakistani and foreign languages.-SANA

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