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Supreme Court provides relief to newly married couple

Islamabad: Chief Justice of Pakistan took notice on a press clipping of Daily News Mart wherein a story of Rukhsana was narrated regarding the decision of Jirga. The press clipping further revealed that when she was only three years of age, her brother murdered a child. However, in reconciliation, Jirga decided and bound them to give Rukhsana in the Nikkah of deceased’s brother who was of 50 years and already married and father of four minor. Rukhsana being educated, adult and sui juris refused to accept the so called decision of the then Jirga and, contracted marriage with her cousin Ameer Abbas through court under her free will. It was further reported that her husband and his brothers were implicated in false criminal cases. She requested Chief Justice of Pakistan for protection and action on the false cases registered against her husband.

The case was heard by a three member bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan. The court concluded that there is no justification for registration of the case against them and directed the Advocate General to approach the Government of Sindh for the purpose of cancellation/withdrawal of the FIR. The Court further observed that as the couple has been brought from Islamabad by police therefore, they are directed to be taken back to Islamabad as free person, not in custody. Police was directed to take them back safely and the DPO was also directed to submit report to the Registrar of this Court at Islamabad that he has complied with the orders of this Court and couple has reached safely back.

Meanwhile, copy of the Order was sent to the I.G. Islamabad with the direction to provide them protection during the period of their stay. Copy of the order was also sent to the Court seized with the matter, not to initiate any process
against them and in the meantime the Government will withdraw/cancel the FIR. The Court further directed the PPO, Sindh through the Advocate General to provide protection to family of Ameer Abbas.

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