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Supreme Court Full Bench has taken notice of anti-Judiciary rumours

ISLAMABAD: All the 17 judges of the Supreme Court including Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry held an important meeting here at the Supreme Court premises late Thursday night news channels have reported. Supreme Court has taken notice of the anti-judiciary rumours.

According to the press release issued by Supreme Court; judges of Supreme Court can not be removed constitutionally without following the defined method of article 209 of constitution. Supreme Court has issued notice to Attorney General to appear before apex court in morning to hear Government stance.

After meeting few minute back; Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry left Court premises for home with his security protocol.

Late Thursday Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has said that rumours have been spread by the people who wanted to bring instability and they would not be succeeded in their attempts. However few days back PM himself had reiterated that Parliament has not endorsed the executive order of restoration of judges yet.

For long the war between institutions of Judiciary and executive within Pakistan has eclipsed the political arena. Sadly from Lawyers movement in dictatorship and till their restoration; and moving little back since inception of Pakistan institutions have been intruding in each others paraphernalia. The concept of separation of powers in state is inevitable for the democratic institutions to flourish in full bloom.

In recent precedent News sources late this evening started spreading anti-judiciary rumours; for few it was a cheap way to influence the judges decision on NRO cases while for others it was complete attempt to create a wedge between Judiciary and Executive. There is third opinion standing juxtaposition is that few of news channels played negative role in spreading this rumor.

Still wondering why Supreme Court has taken notice over the news by few channels; and at this odd time a press released had to be issued. Judges assumed these rumours as an attack on the integrity of judiciary. Eye brows raised over the fragile Pakistan’s system that a small news can shattered the whole system in no time. Whole nation is hanging even if this is conspiracy or rumour. In recent times of turmoil everyone needs to be socially responsible including media, government and judiciary.

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  • The real question is what will the SC gain by sending information by the registrar, to a full bench hearing? It has to be about the integrity and independence of the judicial system. A State in which LAW and ORDER leaves a lot to be desired, one has to take the bull by its horns, metaphorically speaking. Once and for all, it must be understood by all concerned, that removal and reinstatement of judges is no laughing matter, and cannot be a political whim.

    Albeit, the news might be a rumour or an incitement the judicial system will take those, as a direct attack on their authority. And It is no surprise that, a full bench will come out strongly, in stating the obvious.

    The media, the politicians and the Law enforcing agencies have to respect the independence and integrity of the legal system, and must let the courts function in an environment that is congenial to promoting a law abiding culture.

  • kHUD HI MUJRIM KHUD HI MUNSIF… This one eyed Dajaal judiciary is in bed with media. Since first day this media is trying to uproot democracy just to get trp and blackmail government to forgive its billions in sales taxes and income taxes. PPP has to take a stand like men and ban all these news channels. Geo means Maro now a days. Only depression production unlimited Inc. They have taken people’s self esteem and now we as a nation are most non confident and depressed people in whole world, while India’s media is always boosting India’s confidence.